均衡型泰坦(Atlas)是《泰坦天降》中的一種泰坦的原型,由 Hammond Robotics製作。它具有移動和防衛兩功能的平衡,比坦克型泰坦(ogre)更好的移動能力,又比高速型泰坦(Stryder)有更好的防禦能力。它是最早發布的泰坦,也是玩家最先解鎖能使用的泰坦。



均衡型泰坦擁有Damage Core的能力,當準備好時,鐵馭可以啟動以增加泰坦的攻擊力。


均衡型泰坦的數據不高,它主要強在相對均衡的能力。 數據 (來源 )

體力: 8,000 (2nd)

衝刺速度: 420 (2nd)

戰鬥傷害: 1,000 (3rd)

快跑速度: 685 (2nd)

護盾再生率: 12 (2nd)

快跑次數: 2 (2nd)


The Atlas, with its perfect balance of power and mobility' is an excellent Titan for all engagements and situations. Considered a Jack-of-All trades amongst the three Titan classes, it has more mobility than the Ogre, while being able to withstand much more punishment compared to the Stryder. Any Titan weapons work well with the Atlas, though mid-long range weapons such as the XO-16 are recommended. The main disadvantage of the Atlas is that it doesn't have a specified role, having neither the strengths nor weaknesses of the other Titans, so it is best used in support of other Titans/Pilots.


  • The Titan has 6 entry animations which are activated depending on the location of the player when entering the Titan and includes 3 animations when just deployed and 3 after having been activated.
  • The Atlas is the only titan that has two points of entry: the front of the Titan that opens up, and a smaller hatch on top if the player is boarding from above.
  • When performing a Titan execution with the Atlas, the Titan will punch through the cockpit of the enemy Titan, pull out the pilot if present and throw them, killing them.




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