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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

Zone 18 is a multiplayer map featured in Titanfall, available only in the third downloadable content, IMC Rising.


Inside an old IMC base hidden in the vast wilderness of the Dakota System, advanced IMC robotics research continues, despite the destruction of Hammond Robotics' corporate headquarters on the Frontier. Until recently, the Militia knew the region only as the decommissioned "Zone 18", the way it was labeled on stolen IMC maps provided by Barker. Now, picking up mysterious sensor readings from the area, the Militia deploys recon teams to investigate. With Hammond Robotics working on a new Spectre model in the high-tech underground sections of Zone 18, the base above is neglected and overgrown as camouflage against enemy aerial and satellite reconnaissance.[1]


The map is mostly a maze requiring players to adapt to its claustrophobic conditions as well as maneuver their Titans around various low rise buildings. Both teams spawn at the opposite side of the map.

Most of the fighting usually takes place on the sides of the map as it can give either team an advantage as the lack of obstructions allow pilots to use their Anti-Titan Weapons without the fear of losing sight of a Titan.

Titan players will have a difficult time avoiding pilot lock-ons along with rodeo attempts from pilots thus making Titans easy prey for pilots.


  • Hold both sides of the map at all cost as the enemy team will have no choice but to go on the offensive in order to retake control of the match.
  • Titans are not as useful as they are on other maps as Zone 18 is mostly narrow and cramped as this can put Titans at risk of either being rodeoed by an enemy pilot or become separated by other friendly Titans.


Several map-specific achievements can be unlocked by playing on Zone 18.

  • Easy Targets can be unlocked by killing ten Pilots while in a Titan on the map.
  • Swift Justice can be unlocked by killing ten Pilots while Stim is active on the map.
  • Zone 18 Victor can be unlocked by winning one match on Zone 18.
  • Zone 18 Connoisseur can be unlocked by winning one match of each gamemode on Zone 18.


  • The outskirts of Zone 18 are thus-far the only appearance of the IMC Walker.