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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

Pilot Certification Simulators are networked together for multi-Pilot training sessions.
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War Games is a multiplayer map featured in Titanfall, available only in the first downloadable content, Expedition. It was added to Titanfall 2 in The War Games DLC. It is currently one of two multiplayer maps in the series to take place entirely inside a simulation, the other being Glitch.


Pilots within the IMC Expeditionary Forces at the new Fleet Operations Base maintain their combat readiness using Pilot Certification pods. Using battle data telemetry from the Battle of Airbase Sierra and Battle of Angel City, combat simulation programmers have created a new program designed to strengthen Pilot weaknesses that resulted in those battles' defeats. Due to powerful sources of interference originating from the nearby ruins, numerous unusual display glitches can be seen within the simulation.[1]

War Games takes place on the Pilot-Titan combat scenario field of Hammond Industries Pilot Combat Certification Simulator, or Titanfall's beginning training course, with elements combined from Angel City, Rise and Airbase. Unlike all other maps, players will begin inside of a combat simulator module. Gameplay is identical to all other maps, except enemies will vanish into a blue haze (similar to Grunts in The Pilot's Gauntlet or Training or Holo Pilots) when killed, as it is a simulator, and not a real battle. The defeated team still must evacuate into a dropship at the end of the match.

The design of the map is a blend of city settings, and the smooth white walls of the training grounds. Various "glitches" in the map are seen as orange or blue pixels on surfaces. The sky is actually a domed ceiling.


Frontier Defense


The first wave of the match starts off with a few squads of Sniper Spectre and is assisted by numerous regular Spectres. The second wave will be a mix of both regular spectres and a few platoons of Grunts along with a few Titans. The third wave will start off slow, with only grunts attacking before IMC Titans (Armored Company Sierra). This wave requires a powerful defense as the sheer number of enemy automated Titans can overwhelm new players with or without their Titans. However, it offers three retries unlike the regular two found on other maps.

Titanfall 2

War Games is curiously is the only Frontier Defense map thus far to feature no Nuke Titans in most of its wave compositions. It also features a few Cloak Drones in early waves.

  • The greatest threat largely stems from Reapers; aside from the usual close-range lethality of Reapers, there are also around four preset rooftop deployment spots where Reapers will set up and constantly launch Ticks rather than attack the Harvester directly. These points can be trapped using Arc Traps to help slow down Tick deployment, but players should try to neutralize Reapers that set up at these launch points as soon as possible. The Ticks will primarily target the Harvester, but can also inflict significant damage to any Turrets, Players, and Titans that they encounter along the way.
  • The final wave also features a number of simultaneously-deployed Mortar Titans that should be intercepted before they can deploy and begin bombardment.
  • Scorch and Legion Titans are common, along with Monarchs and Tones. The former pair are particularly dangerous if they can get close to the Harvester (Scorch doubly so) and Monarchs can easily inflict a serious amount of damage as well.


The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

  • Instead of starting the match in a dropship, Pilots start in a simulation pod. As an added detail in Titanfall, the voice of Spyglass voice notifies the player of their generation level and the game mode they'll be competing in. The full quote is as follows: “Signal decryption handshake is unstable, you may experience visual artifacts. Gen [Generation level] Pilot onboard. Ready up. Simulation mode is: [gamemode].” This detail is absent in the Titanfall 2 rendition of War Games.

The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

  • Militia faction leaders in the intro will be looking at the Ion Titan in the intro, with the exception of Marvin, who helps the player set up the pod and gives them a thumb's-up. IMC-aligned players will simply see a handful of IMC Marines at computer terminals and their faction leader standing at a console nearby.
  • The intro animation of the Pilot flicking switches before the pod closes is reused in the very first mission of the campaign, The Pilot's Gauntlet as Cooper prepares to enter VR training.
  • The IMC Bomber that was present on the Airbase side of the map in the first game has been replace with a severely upscaled Goblin in Titanfall 2.
  • This map marks the only appearance of the Ogre Titan, in the opening sequence for Miltia-aligned factions, and Paladin Tank in Titanfall 2 (Albeit the latter as a hologram-only). It is also the first direct appearance of an IMC Carrier, outside of the one being scrapped in Drydock.
  • The usage of white cleaned walls and orange and blue pixels seems to be a slight reference to Valve's Portal series, which utilized orange and blue portals on sterilized, white surfaces.


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