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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

Absorb incoming fire and redirect it back at the enemy.
— Titanfall 2 description

The Vortex Shield (formerly called the Titan Vortex Blocker) is a Titan Tactical and Defensive Ability that appears in Titanfall and Titanfall 2.


The Vortex Shield is a special ability equippable for Titans that allows them to stop enemy fire such as rockets and bullets in their tracks, and is able to send the projectiles right back to the enemy. This effect is most likely orchestrated by a series of powerful magnets in the hand (as shown in the picture by the black and white device on the Titans forearm), but does not extend to the lightning bolts fired by the Arc Cannon.

This ability is best used when surprised by an enemy titan, or when an enemy titan has activated their own vortex shield. In this way, it is possible to catch projectiles already caught in the enemy's vortex shield and send it back before their shield can recharge.


Vortex Volley achievement art.

Most effective against munitions and rocket ordnance, the Vortex shield can essentially catch projectiles and return them to the sender. If caught off guard by a flanking opponent, a Pilot can quickly focus a Vortex shield to protect their Titan from incoming fire. The lock-on feature of the Archer Heavy Rocket means that a quick thinking Titan pilot can turn towards the incoming missile and catch it with a Vortex before it deals considerable damage. It is, however, less effective against certain Titan weapons such as the Arc Cannon or the Plasma Railgun, due to the "charging" feature of both weapons, meaning enemy Titans can wait for the Vortex shield to run out. The Triple Threat can also pose a problem, as any grenades that aren't fired directly at the shield can explode at a Titans feet, dealing damage. The Stryder possesses the most benefit of the Vortex shield, as its light armor is mitigated somewhat by the Vortex shields ability to catch most incoming munitions.

Titanfall 2

The Vortex Shield used by Ion in the Meet Ion trailer.

The Vortex Shield is a Titan Defensive Ability which appears in Titanfall 2.[1] It is used by the Ion Titan, though is also available to the campaign-only Brute and Expedition Titan classes. Unlike the Vortex Shield of Titanfall, the Vortex shield now leverages power from Ion's shared energy reserve, meaning that overuse of the Splitter Rifle or Laser Shot will leave the player unable to use the shield. However, the shield is extremely effective at combating Legion Titans.

Vortex Amplifier can be used to improve the damage of reflected projectiles by 35%.

Titanfall: Assault

A modified form of the Vortex Shield is available for use by the Pilot Ash in Titanfall: Assault.


  • It is possible that the Vortex Shield may be a reference to the District 9 Exosuit or the Return To Sender Vigor from Bioshock Infinite. Both of these are capable of collecting incoming enemy fire and firing them back at enemies, though both collect the bullets into a sphere first.
  • Any projectile caught by the Vortex Shield (with some exceptions) is rendered both hitscan and instantly lethal against pilots.
  • While using the Vortex Amplifier on the Ion, the Vortex Shield will appear a slightly different shade than normal.
  • The Vortex Shield can remove a Firestar embedded on the Titan, allowing the pilot to avoid the damage and to throw the projectile back.
  • It is possible to "capture" ticks by using the Vortex Shield on them, although this must be done before they activate. They will be friendly to the pilot that captured them afterwards.