Vinson Dynamics is a weapon and Titan manufacturer, playable in Titanfall 2. They are responsible for the creation of several pieces of equipment employed by mercenary Pilots on The Frontier. This includes the EM-4 Cold War, T-203 Thermite Launcher and Monarch-class Titan alongside several variants of Suppressor. They also have the ability to manufacture Simulacrums, and were responsible for rebuilding Ash following the Battle of Typhon.[1]

Vinson Dynamics' motivations remain unknown, having conducted operations both in support and actively against the IMC Remnant Fleet; mercenary Pilots led by Ash often conduct raids against Remnant forces for bounties and to recover Black Boxes containing data relevant to Vinson Dynamics' interests, including data about the true identity of Ash.[2]

Vinson Dynamics has at least one facility on the planet Gridiron, in the city of New Anchorage.[3]

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Trivia Edit

  • Vinson Dynamics, like many aspects of the Titanfall universe, was named after an employee of Respawn Entertainment, Rayme Vinson.

References Edit

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  2. Faction description: "Ash seeks to discover the secrets of her past, and believes her answers lie in the data banks of the Remnant Fleet."
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