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Last week, Wikia teamed up with EA to welcome six of our most devoted shooter fans to our offices in London for a night of Titanfall. Representatives from our Halo, Call of Duty, Destiny, and Titanfall communities descended on Shoreditch to put Titanfall through its paces the night before it hit retail in London. Pizza and ordnance were consumed in equal quantities, and Wikia's shooters walked away with a copy of the game to play at home. Check out their impressions below!

Watch the video recap above of our Exclusive Titanfall event with some of Wikia Fans doing what they do best - playing games and celebrating fandom! Check below for some individual takes on this buzz-worthy game!

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“The combination of first person shooter and also the addition of the titans... it brings a new element of gameplay that we haven't really seen before.”
— Callofduty4, font-size:20px;

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“It's got robots, guns. What more could you ask for?”
— DBD Abyss, font-size:20px;

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“I think they've been done very well. They feel like a very good hybrid between an infantry and vehicle.”
— Discord, font-size:20px;

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“You can't compare it to really any other game.”
— Peternouv, font-size:20px;


“Titanfall is hectic, fast, but fun.”
— T3CHNOCIDE, font-size:20px;

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“A good game to get into!”
— Bluerock, font-size:20px;