Hey everyone, i am yeetus, but everyone calls me yeet. I think that if you can yeet, you are a good person. Hahaha, you expected me to get all strange and anti vaxx or something or r/insanepeoplefacebook. Yeah, i have read some stories where you just go full on this style and eventually are disappointed. That is because YEET got ya. I think. I dunno. Uhmm, follow me i guess because i do nothing interesting or something like that, you know, like all of the youtubers say at the end of their vids? Bye and i hope to make some good progress in GOTCHA. Probably not but still, nice attempt wasn’t it? Well. I hope i do not mess something up here.

now really about me. I like editing pages to include Frontier Defense facts, since that is the only gameplay i like and play. I like supporting the team, and i do not like it when people steal kills. If you would like any myths on Frontier Defense to be solved, contact me via the talk page.

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