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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Typhon is a planet on the Frontier, and is the primary setting for the campaign mode of Titanfall 2. The planet was a research outpost for the IMC's ARES Division, and was subjected to an attack by the Frontier Militia, ending with the planet's total destruction.


Early history

Long before the Frontier War, an unknown alien civilization was known to have set foot on the planet. At some point, the structure that would later become the Fold Weapon was erected.[1]

Frontier War

At some point, the planet was host to a number of research and military operations by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. Following the defeat of the IMC during the Battle of Demeter, a plan was made to utilize the abandoned alien structure in an effort to gain a decisive advantage against the Militia and win the war in their favor. Work on the Fold Weapon was commenced; in the meantime, a small-scale test was performed on the planet's only natural satellite, Orthros to check its feasibility and possible side-effects. While the test was successful, the research facility where it was performed was rendered inoperable due to the presence of unstable space-time matrixes. As well, unknown intruders had breached the area with the aid of an "advanced cloaking package".[2]

Battle of Typhon

Main article: Battle of Typhon

Five years after the Battle of Demeter, the planet was subject to an attack by the 9th Militia Fleet as part of the Operation: Broadsword campaign. Upon arriving in-system, Militia vessels were to discover that their preliminary intelligence was wrong, and that Typhon was defended by a large fleet and a network of Orbital Defense Cannons. In the opening minutes of the attack, the fleet was decimated, and troops were scattered across Typhon.[3]

Over the following days, Militia troops would engage in a guerilla war against the IMC, performing surgical strikes while IMC troops attempted to pick them off. After several days of fighting, the 3rd Militia Grenadiers were able to take control of an Interstellar Beacon and signal for help.[4]

Typhon's destruction

Ultimately, the battle would conclude with the IMC attempting to fire the full-scale Fold Weapon, though intervention by Jack Cooper and BT-7274 would cause the weapon to backfire, shattering the planet down to the core.[5]


As an IMC research facility, there were many structures on Typhon. These included an IMC water reclamation facility overseen by Kane, a Factory and Dynamic Testing Facility operated by Vinson Dynamics, that developed environments to be used in training/testing simulations, headed by a simulacrum named Ash.

The Fold Weapon.

The primary location of interest, however, was that of the Fold Weapon, buried in a mountain by an alien civilization.[1] The weapon was excavated and restored to working order by ARES Division, and ultimately the source of the planet's destruction.[5]

Other points of interest included a research facility operated by General Marder for the purposes of experimentation on humans and native fauna, though was primarily built for the test-firing of the miniature Fold Weapon that would destroy Orthros.[2]. An IMC Interstellar Beacon was also present on the planet, along with the necessary power plants and substations to sustain it.[4] The planet was defended by numerous railguns, and an airbase for the launching of fighters and starships.


Typhon's geography, like any Earth-like world, was incredibly varied. It featured deserts, rocky plateaus, toxic wastelands (created by IMC refuse), forests, jungles, oceans, mountains and presumably many other kinds of terrain.

Typhon is known to have one natural satellite named Orthros, which orbited in extreme proximity to the planet. The moon was destroyed in a Fold Weapon test; however. chunks of the shattered moon's remains often enter the atmosphere and burn up like meteor showers.[2]

Fauna and Flora

The planet was known to host a small number of life, notably a species of Quadrupedal Vertebrate creatures nicknamed "Prowlers" that were known to hunt humans. Another species of creatures are Flyers, a winged species of reptiles.



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