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The Triple Threat is a grenade launcher that shoots 3 grenades at once. It excels at clearing rooms, and its grenades explode on armoured contact, making it effective at close range against other Titans.
— In-game description.

The Triple Threat is a Titan cluster grenade launcher that appears in Titanfall.


The Triple Threat is a Titan grenade launcher that shoots 3 giant grenades. It excels at clearing rooms, and its grenades explode upon contact with armor, making it very effective against titans. Use caution when firing at point blank range, however, as the grenades can damage the wielder as well as the target. Its Alternate fire mode switches the grenade spread pattern from horizontal to vertical, which may help make your shots count, as titans might be easier to hit with a vertical spread at close range, and horizontal spread at titan waist height for longer ranges.

The explosions made by the Triple Threat have a horizontal explosion, while unavoidable by Titans, a skilled pilot can jump above these explosions if they time their jump right.

Grenades will detonate after being in the air and being stationary for randomly somewhere between 2.3 and 2.5 seconds, or after rolling for somewhere randomly between 3.2 and 3.7 seconds.

Triple Threat grenades also explode on contact with armor, like the Mag Launcher and Arc Grenades. This includes Titans, Heavy Turrets, including deactivated Turrets, and even Spectres. However, grenades must land directly on armor to detonate instantly, rolling grenades will not detonate upon armored contact.


As the Triple Threats grenades have a rather slow projectile, close range engagements are preferable, so it is best used in conjunction with the heavily armoured Ogre-class Titan. Alternatively, you can adopt a hit and run tactic by dashing quickly into a close range engagement with the Stryder, fire a couple volleys, and quickly retreat before taking significant damage. It is also extremely effective at shooting pesky Pilots who are in unseen high vantage points such as rooftops, as one can shoot a grenade on to rooftops with precise aiming, and its wide area of effect explosion can often net a kill. Counter strategies include staying out of an arms reach, dashing backwards while attacking with longer range Titan weapons, while keeping an eye on the small grenade indicator to know precisely where the grenades roll.

  • When firing in an alternate fire mode, grenades can fly surprisingly far.
  • Coupled with grenade ability to bounce and fly above obstacles, Triple Threat is amazingly efficient support weapon in Last Titan Standing, used to slow down enemy advancement, denying territory, forcing enemy to escape under the risk of pointless death, or interrupting enemy shield restoration.