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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Trial By Fire (known internally by the name T-Day) is the seventh mission of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign. Having activated the Interstellar Beacon and reunited with Militia command, Jack Cooper and BT-7274 join Commander Sarah Briggs as she leads an assault on an IMC airfield housing the transport vessel IMS Draconis, in an attempt to capture the Ark. This mission is tightly focused on Titans and Titan combat, with the player able to complete the entire ordeal without once disembarking from their Titan.


Frontier Militia


The Drop

The mission begins with Cooper, BT and several other Militia Pilots in the hangar bay of a MacAllan-Class Carrier. After a short speech by Sarah Briggs, the player is subjected to a first-person view of a Titanfall.

The facility, guarded by heavy defenses.

After landing on a small hill facing the airbase, the player will be immediately set upon by a half-dozen Medium Turrets far away. Although they are fairly far away, they can do significant damage, so make sure to take cover behind a Particle Wall, Vortex Shield or some of the ample cover in front of you. After a few seconds, your platoon of Vanguard-Class Titans will fire upon the wall with their own weapons, destroying the wall and the guns.

From here, you will be given a tough battle against several dozen Titans and Reapers. Make sure to keep back and let your Vanguards do the fighting for you - Tone, Expedition and Ion will be good loadouts to use here, by picking off low-health enemies from afar.

The Draconis, preparing to lift off.

After pushing through to the base, you will be given a handful of Titans to kill in close quarters. After finishing them off, a door will open with a Legion waiting. Kill it, and proceed into the hallway. The room where Legion stood will have several Batteries available for the taking if your health is low. At this point, your Vanguard support will be assigned to watch the door you just entered, leaving the player alone with Sarah Briggs.

The next series of battles will take place in close-quarters, with a good view of the Draconis to the left. You will be expected to fight two Scorch titans, a few reapers and some Grunts in this corridor, though nothing too overwhelming.

Eventually, you'll reach an elevator, leading to a new surface battle.

Heavy Combat

The final stretch.

This second arena will once again test you in multi-titan skirmishes, with a myriad of Titans, Reapers and infantry all waiting to swarm you. However, like before, you will have numerous Vanguards here to support you. The level here is fairly linear; proceed up the hill, into a small canyon and back up the hill and into another building. Inside this building will be a Plasma Railgun suspended by chains for the taking, granting both itself and Northstar's loadout to BT upon collection.

Exit the building and onto the airstrip for the final run of the mission. Despite your commanders' urgency, you are not under any time limit, so feel free to slowly pick off your enemies one-by-one. This area will be swamped with upwards of a dozen Titans, so make sure to watch your flanks and footing to avoid being killed by a Scorch. Otherwise, the objective is simple; advance towards the Draconis and complete the mission.

The Ark being loaded onto the Draconis.


Unfortunately, the Draconis will take off just as you reach it, just in time to watch the Ark being loaded into the vessel's cargo bay. The next battle will be one in the skies.




Pilot Helmets

There are 3 Pilot Helmets to be collected on this level.


  • According to developer commentary, there was a scrapped sequence in the mission where Jack Cooper and Sarah Briggs must disembark from their Titans and fight through some tunnels before a "boss fight" where the duo must bring down an enemy Legion Titan while on foot in an elevator.
  • During the chapter, friendly Vanguard Titans can be seen destroying IMC titans with the same "Checkmate" Termination that can be used on Ash during her boss fight.