This article is about the map featured in Titanfall: Assault, and may redirect here. For the version featured in Titanfall, see Training Ground.

Training Ground is a map featured in Titanfall: Assault as the default map, unlocked at Level 1. The map is close-quarters and takes a rough "S" shape, with a base at either side and the Hardpoints all clustered together. Each base has one Medium Turret and one Heavy Turret. The Training Ground also serves double duty as the primary tutorial map, where instructor Zoey will walk new commanders through the process of leading their squads on the field.

Due to the short distances involved, a Mortar Ogre or Sniper Ion may attack the enemy Medium Turret without ever leaving the relative safety of their deploy zone.

Although the map lacks the special mechanics present in later maps it has a unique if cosmetic-only feature - the appearance of the area each player's Heavy Turret depends on the system they are playing on: iOS users feature holographic displays and a white theme, while Android ones enjoy a green theme and metal cargo containers.