Tone is a Titan class in Titanfall 2.[1] It is based on the Atlas platform.


Tone is a Titan class that is based on the Atlas chassis, with a focus on target-locking weapons and rockets. Her 40mm Tracker Cannon still fires semi-automatic explosive shots, but has been upgraded to acquire partial locks on hostile Titans. Her abilities include Tracker Rockets, which fires rockets at fully locked enemies, Sonar Lock, which reveals enemies in an area and establishes partial lock, and Particle Wall, which places a transparent wall in front of Tone that she can shoot through. Her core ability, Salvo Core, fires a heavy barrage of guided rockets, and will gradually orient toward any target Tone looks at. Targets with a partial lock cannot be fired upon with the guided rockets - a full, 3-ring-segment lock must be achieved for offhand weapons to fire.

Strategy Edit

General Edit

Tone is a very effective titan when used correctly, but very vulnerable when not. One of the best things you can do is keep the tracker rockets coming on your opponent. Her 40mm Tracker Cannon just doesn't do very much damage. Another thing that can help is keeping your enemies at a distance (apart from Northstar), as Tone is ill-suited for close-range combat, leaving Ronins especially as a very strong counter to her. Your Particle Wall is key to being able to perform well in any encounter; as Tone must expose herself in order to lock on to and fire rockets at enemies, the cover it provides is invaluable. When turning a corner you suspect an enemy Titan to be approaching from, using Sonar Pulse can help see your opponent before they see you, as well as granting a third of a lock-on. Doing all of these things well will grant Tone her powerful Salvo Core, a way to do an immeasurable burst of damage to a single target.

Against Ion Edit

Ion can be a bothersome Titan to fight, as her Vortex Shield can fire all your hard work right back at you. The best thing you can do is avoid firing while her shield is up, and putting your shield up while Ion is firing. If you have you Salvo Core, use it, and point it up. You don't want your own Core used on you. Keeping a distance can also help.

Against Scorch Edit

Scorch is one of the easiest Titans to fight as Tone. Make sure you keep your distance, as a lot of Scorch's abilities rely on contact. Avoid the Flame Wall, and keep your tracker rockets going. Scorch is very slow as well. With Tone's faster speed, use it to your advantage by taking side shots. Don't let him corner you. Hiding behind corners followed by using Sonar Lock can help you make decisions without having to expose yourself.

Against Northstar Edit

Northstar is the exception with Tone. You want to get in close, and chase her. She relies on time and range for good damage, and can't have that if you stalk her. Avoid Tether Traps, and dodge any shots she tries to take. Like always, keep the tracker rockets going. Don't use your Particle Wall unless she activates her Flight Core, or you have her cornered. Northstar is one of the fastest Titans in the game. Use Sonar Lock to keep on her trail if she turns or strafes.

Against Ronin Edit

Ronin is different. He is dangerous, and difficult to keep track of. Keeping distance is best, as much as you can. Ronin will force you out of your Particle Wall, so putting it up is a waste. Dash backward when he dashes toward you, and keep shooting him. Using Sonar Lock will get you a third toward your missiles automatically, so that can be useful as hitting Ronin can be tricky because of his swiftness. Use your Salvo Core if you have it. It will almost inevitably kill him as he is very weak (however, if Ronin has his Sword Core activated, his Sword Block will stop 90% of the damage).

Against Tone Edit

Fighting other Tones is very difficult. They have the same abilities as you, and can deal a good amount of damage to you if you're not careful. Again, keeping your distance is best. Try to dodge the Tracker Cannon, as you can't dodge the tracker missiles very effectively. Keeping your shield up as much as possible is best, because you'll have to put yourself in the open to fight effectively.

Against Legion Edit

Tone is Legion's greatest enemy. Tone's specialty is mid-to-long range, and Legion does most damage at close and mid range. Avoid Legion's Predator Cannon by putting your shield up, and hit him with your Tracker Cannon and missiles. By the time the shield dies, Legion will have run out of ammo. Continue to shoot your missiles and such on him. Once he reloads, dash behind a corner and use Sonar Lock to know where he is. Run backward, and if you have your shield, use it. If the shield gives in try to run backward and find a corner. If there isn't one, try to avoid the Predator Cannon as much as you can. This strategy can help take out the most destructive Titan in the game without taking too much damage.

Against MonarchEdit

Monarch is an Vanguard-based Titan that is one of the most dangerous titans in the game. Her XO-16 chaingun can deal excessive damage, especially when her core (upgrade core) ability is activated. She has no way to defend herself which gives Tone an advantage, as she can activate her particle wall, especially when reloading is necessary. Simple close-quarters combat can be difficult against monarch as her XO-16 has a high rate of fire which is very effective at close range. However, at longer range, tone can deal damage at a longer distance, and using the lock-on rockets can be very effective in damage.


Primary Weapon

40mm Tracker Cannon
"Semi-auto explosive rounds. Grants partial lock-on."

Tracking Rockets

Tracking Rockets
"Fires missiles at fully-locked enemies. Full lock-on required."

316px-Sonar Lock

Sonar Lock
"Reveals enemies in an area. Grants partial lock-on."

Particle Wall

Particle Wall
"Force field blocks incoming fire on one side."

Salvo Core

Salvo Core
"Guided missiles that follow where Tone aims."

Field Notes Edit

  • Tone is arguably the most used Titan in Titanfall 2 due to her effectiveness in medium to long range combat. However, due to her being nerfed several times, her popularity has decreased.
  • The locking system makes aiming fairly easy, allowing fairly high and consistent damage output.
  • It is the only Titan with the ability to spam its explosive ordinance as Tracker Rockets do not require a charge time like other ordinance.
  • When using Salvo Core, lock onto enemy Titans before activating the Core. This will prevent enemies from dodging the mass payload of missiles even of they manage to turn a corner to avoid getting hit.
  • Tone is slightly "squishy" (can't take much damage) and you'll have to use Particle Wall very strategically.
  • With the Assault Chip installed Enhanced Auto-Tone's accuracy is improved and she can use tracking rockets.

Variants Edit

As of Frontier Defense, there are now several different variants of the Tone platform alongside its Prime variant. Standard Tones can be deployed in waves as basic Titan "infantry", though do not utilize their full complement of abilities effectively. Sniper Titans are alternate Tone variants sporting a woodland Camouflage, that tend to hang back and support their offensive elements from afar by suppressing players and the Harvester. In addition, the Tone has replaced the Atlas in the role of Mortar Titan, swapping her Cannon for a Quad Rocket.


  • As of December 2016, the Tone was the most popular Titan within the game.[2]
  • Tone's Tracker Rockets and Salvo Core tend to uselessly hit obstacles if the target moves behind cover, firing the weapons upwards will allow them to gain altitude before homing in on their target, hopefully clearing any obstacles in the way.
  • Not all of Tone's Salvo Core rockets may hit their target before it is destroyed, and the leftover missiles can be directed towards other targets, like an ejecting pilot.
  • During the campaign mission "Into The Abyss", before you encounter Ash, you'll encounter a male Tone instead of the usual female Tone defending the evacuation point for a squad of Grunts from Prowlers.
  • Tone's Termination is to leap on top of the enemy Titan, rip the pilot out of the cockpit and fling it into the air before shooting it with her 40mm Tracker Cannon. With an autotitan, she merely leaps onto the Titan and smashes the cockpit in.
    • With Tone’s termination, enemy pilots can be killed if they are within the firing line of her 40mm tracker cannon as she shoots, though this is very rare.
  • Tone's Prime execution is to shoot the Titan once with the 40mm Tracker Cannon, then jam it into the cockpit and fire two more times, and then uses it to fling the Titan to the other side of her before finishing it off with a Rocket Salvo.
  • Tone's OS is voiced by Jocelyn Blue.
  • A model for Tone was developed for inclusion in the game Titanfall: Assault, however, the Titan has yet to be officially announced for inclusion in the game.[3]