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Blog Posts

Sniperstock Sniperstock 4 May

May 4 Update (AL)

Hey Grunts, it's your owner, Sniperstock.

Today I bring an announcement that the new patch notes for Apex Legacy are officially released, and with tha…

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Sniperstock Sniperstock 10 April

Second Project

Hello Grunts, it's Sniper here.

Three months ago, I made a blog post calling to attention how we lacked images that consisted of skins for certain leg…

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Sniperstock Sniperstock 21 November 2020

Update on Project

Hello there, fellow grunts

As you may know, I started wiki project modernization about a month ago.

However, things did not go as planned. What was mea…

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Sniperstock Sniperstock 7 October 2020

Project Modernization

For those of you not on the discord, I'll tell you what's going on.

So I was just browsing the wikia pages for every legend, but I noticed something t…

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