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The Titan Wars is a war between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and the Frontier Militia that took place on The Frontier more than fifteen years before Titanfall.

Details on the Titan Wars are scarce, but it is implied that the Frontier Militia did not have access to functioning Titans in the first few years of the war, and relied heavily on Anti-Titan weapons such as the Mag Launcher to acheive victories. It is not entirely known how the Frontier Militia came into possession of Titans, but it can be assumed that they captured them from the IMC. It is also unknown if Militia Pilots are defected IMC Pilots, or if the Militia possesses the appropriate facilities to train new pilots.


The Titan Wars were likely an IMC victory, given the corporation's establishment of control on the Frontier for the next several decades.

However, a certain series of events at the end of the war would lead to XO James MacAllan mutinying against the IMC, and stealing the Andromeda-Class Carrier IMS Odyssey.

Barker and MacAllan's tactics in these conflicts would also form the backbone of the IMC's counterinsurgency protocols for decades to come.


The Titan Wars were possibly the first major use of the Titan platform in warfare, with the Atlas class being proven in this war.

The 40mm Cannon was born from the Titan Wars, being improvised from a Pilot low on ammunition ripping a weapon off an AFV, leading to Brockhaurd Manufacturing making a full-scale weapon for mass deployment. Similarly, the G2A4 Battle Rifle was a staple of the IMC Marine Corps before being replaced by the R-101C Carbine, and was likely used in the Titan Wars.

Another key staple of IMC technology in the Titan Wars was the Crow dropship, long before being phased out in favour of the newer Goblin Dropship. Ironically, many of these aircraft would later end up in the hands of the Militia.