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The Titan Operating System (OS) is the artificial intelligence automatic advisory system implemented in the exoskeleton of a Titan. The Titan OS assists Pilots in combat, informing them of nearby threats, the status of the parent Titan and other useful information in the field. Titan OS packages can vary from Titan to Titan, with a number of different voice packages available in a variety of tones and languages. By default, Atlas, Ogre, and Stryder Titans come equipped with "Betty". However, several different voice packs also exist, available for purchase on the Black Market.


Icon Name Unlock
TF TitanOS Betty
Betty Default
TF TitanOS Jeeves
Jeeves Default
TF TitanOS Lisa
Lisa Default
TF TitanOS Vanessa
Vanessa Purchase for 20,000 Credits
SID Purchase for 20,000 Credits
TF TitanOS Hannah
Hannah Purchase for 20,000 Credits
TF TitanOS Elizabeth
Elizabeth Purchase for 20,000 Credits
TF TitanOS Isabel
Isabel Purchase for 20,000 Credits
TF TitanOS Audrey
Audrey Purchase for 20,000 Credits
TF TitanOS Sofia
Sofia Purchase for 20,000 Credits
TF TitanOS Ryoko
Ryoko Purchase for 20,000 Credits
TF TitanOS Natalia
Natalia Purchase for 20,000 Credits

Aside from the above models, the descendants of the three base Titan chassis' also carry a unique Titan OS voice - these include Ion, Ion Prime, Scorch, Scorch Prime, Northstar, Northstar Prime, Ronin, Ronin Prime, Tone, Tone Prime, Legion, Legion Prime and Monarch. These models of Titan have not demonstrated the ability to customise and replace their voice packages, unlike those found in Titanfall. It is possible that this is due to the more specialised equipment found on these chassis' not being supported by older voice packages.

The Titan OS does not demonstrate advanced AI, like those found in Spyglass or in the Vanguard-class Titan, and does not appear to be capable of sapience, instead acting on a similar level to the basic AI found in automatons such as the BRD-01 Spectre. This is likely due to the expendable nature of IMC-manufactured Titans,[1] and the need for mass-produced AI systems.



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