A Titan's insignia refers to a symbol or emblem that allows customization for a Titan in Titanfall. These are little graphics that are shown on your titan, most commonly and easily seen while rodeoing your titan. Earned insignia are kept through generations.

There are 103 Insignias, 13 are unlocked by default, 8 can be purchased for 25000 credits each in the Black Market, the other 81 must be unlocked by completing its requirement, 6 requiring DLC to complete its requirement; the one other insignia, Gooser Elite could only be unlocked by getting more than 5 Goosers while you were generation 5 before 4/10/2014. All 103 insignias are listed below.

On PC, Pilot Hunter on Runoff will never be included in the matchmaking playlists (since the three DLC Variety Packs were condensed into one). As a result, Glyph cannot be obtained.



Requires the Expedition DLC To Unlock Edit

Requires the Frontier's Edge DLC To UnlockEdit

Game Update 8 Gamemode InsigniasEdit

Black MarketEdit

No Longer UnlockableEdit