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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Liquifies incoming artillery while dealing damage to nearby enemies.
— Description

The Thermal Shield, commonly referred to as Heat Shield by the Scorch, is a Titan Defensive Ability that appears in Titanfall 2.[1] It is used by the Scorch-class Titan. A similar shield, used for offensive purposes, is used by the Thermal Scorch in Titanfall: Assault.

When used, Scorch will use his hand to create a shield out of fire, similar to the Vortex Shield. It will stop incoming fire, and will damage enemies that get too close. It does a lot of damage, killing Pilots almost instantly, and does a lot of damage against Titans.


  • Trap an enemy into a corner with Thermal Shield, then deploy Incendiary Traps (this can be done while still using Thermal Shield) and light it on fire, dealing massive damage and probably destroying the titan.
  • Use it to kill pilots that have grappled onto you.
  • Activating the shield can be used to cancel the reload of the T-203 Thermite Launcher.
  • When a pilot is rodeoing you, back up against a wall, look straight up and turn on your thermal shield after a couple of seconds. When the pilot is forced off you, they should land in your heat shield, killing them almost instantly.


  • There is a visual glitch where Scorch will have his hand out, but there will be no flames.
  • When damaging a titan, there will be a screeching sound that is like metal melting.
  • Despite the ability's name being Thermal Shield, Scorch never addresses it as such, instead using the term 'Heat Shield'.