The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

Thermal Scorch is a variant of the Scorch Titan in Titanfall: Assault. It utilises a Heat Shield to melt incoming projectiles and enemy structures. A number of Thermal Scorch cards are given for free to players who use an iOS device. This also applies to Android devices, who were given an Android-themed skin for the Thermal Scorch.

Thermal Scorch advances slowly and inexorably on enemy structures, constantly damaging nearby enemies with its Heat Shield. If approached by enemies, it will pause briefly to ignite the ground under its feet, then resumes its advance while the ability is on cooldown.


The Thermal Scorch is a great combo of a stocky tank and a high damage output. The Scorch will make its way only to enemy structures (usually the Heavy Turret), spewing out fire all along the way, This can be very useful if there are multiple enemies on a hardpoint or area.

You can either drop the Scorch directly onto the area, triggering its ability which will deal significant damage to all enemies in the area. Keep in mind that the Scorch will continue moving on and will ignore Titans and Pilots near it,

You can also drop the Scorch nearby, so that the ability isn't triggered. This will make it so that the Thermal Scorch will walk directly through the enemies with the Heat Shields, also doing a lot of damage.


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