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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

The Pilot's Gauntlet is the first mission of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign. The mission serves as the player tutorial as Captain Tai Lastimosa of the Frontier Militia goes through the "Pilot's Gauntlet" with Rifleman Jack Cooper of the 41st Militia Rifle Battalion. The map aesthetic for the Gauntlet would later be used in creating the multiplayer map Glitch.


Frontier Militia[]

Cooper's Logbook[]

The 9th Militia Fleet is en route to attack an IMC-controlled planet called Typhon. Zero civilian presence - I only know that it houses an "IMC military research facility". Aboard the James MacAllan, my Pilot training continues with Captain Lastimosa, a master level Pilot. I'm not sure why he chose me to be my mentor, but this is an opportunity I'd be crazy to pass up.
— Cooper's Logbook


Captain Tai Lastimosa and Rifleman Jack Cooper of the Frontier Militia are aboard the MCS James MacAllan, approaching the planet Typhon in Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation territory. Before arriving, Captain Lastimosa trains Cooper by running through the Pilot's Gauntlet, a simulated training course activated by neural linking within the sim pod.

TF2 The Pilot's Gauntlet 1

After being neurally linked into a Harmony-inspired training course, the two begin by running through basic maneuver training. This includes jumping, sprinting, wallrunning, sliding, and double jumping. Cooper then arrives at the firing range, where he has a variety of weapons to choose from to use on the range. He is instructed to reload his weapon and then fire at five target boards. After doing so, he has the option to stay at the firing range for a little longer to practice more.

Cooper arrives at the Pilot's Gauntlet, a course that combines all the elements he has just practiced. To move on past the Gauntlet, the player needs to complete the course in under two minutes. Enemy targets appear on the course, and not killing them will add a time penalty. After completing the Gauntlet, the player can review their results and see other Pilots' times. They have the option to continue practicing the course.

When done with the Pilot's Gauntlet, Captain Lastimosa will finally take Cooper to practice with Titans, the 20-foot tall mechs operated by Pilots. Lastimosa introduces Cooper to BT-7274, his personal Vanguard-class Titan, and instructs Cooper to call in his own. As he calls in a Titan, FS-1041, the simulation is disrupted right before it gets to hit the ground. The Militia are arriving at Typhon and Captain Cole orders Cooper to prepare, handing him a V-47 Flatline.


The following weapons can all be found in the armory section of the level;




Pilot Helmets[]

There is one collectible Pilot Helmet that can be found on this level. It can be found in the final area of the gauntlet, on a floating rock to the left-hand side of the two Grunts.


Xbox One PlayStation 4 Title Description Gamerscore Trophy
TF2 Achievement The Student...
TF2 Trophy The Student...
The Student...
Beat Pilot Lastimosa's Gauntlet ghost recorder time.
Bronze Trophy icon Bronze
TF2 Achievement ...Becomes the Master
TF2 Trophy ...Becomes the Master
...Becomes the Master
Get the top spot on the Gauntlet scoreboard
Bronze Trophy icon Bronze
TF2 Achievement The Graduate
TF2 Trophy The Graduate
The Graduate
Completed training
Bronze Trophy icon Bronze





  • A hidden EPG can be found in the shooting range. It is on the outside wall and requires some perfect timing to obtain as it is just within the player's reach before they fall off onto the grass and reset.
  • The Gauntlet map works by creating a duplicate room at the end as the run starts, hereby ensuring the player ends at the starting place. By going past the start point at a certain speed, the game can glitch and not register the Gauntlet starting, leaving the player free to explore the "original" Gauntlet map. The duplicate room will not load at the end due to this, and "completing" the Gauntlet in this glitched state brings the player to an open void with the only option being to backtrack all the way to the starting area, or restarting from the latest checkpoint.
  • G. Sager, the number 1 Pilot on the Gauntlet scoreboard, is a real life Titanfall streamer whose time was the fastest achieved during the Titanfall 2 Tech Test.
  • Cash Mayo currently holds the world record for the fastest unassisted time on the Gauntlet, at 10.1 seconds.