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Everyone out here's either running from the past, or chasing the future.

In the Titanfall universe, many generations of humanity live in the deepest regions of explored space. This vast region is known as The Frontier. It contains many well-known and inhabited solar systems, but many more worlds remain uncharted.

Most people will never travel this far away from normal civilisation, in the Core Systems closer to Earth. But for pioneers, explorers, mercenaries, outlaws and soldiers - the Frontier offers both adventure and opportunity.

History Edit

Planetary systems in the Frontier are separated by distances that can normally be traversed within days to weeks, by ships capable of making a series of 'jumps' through space. Each jump is separated by a recharging period during which only slow speed travel is possible... assuming no harassment by the IMC or the many bandit groups in the Frontier.

Many systems within the Frontier were discovered and settled by the IMC and its various subsidiary branches. There were many conflicting economic, military, industrial and political motivations behind the settlement programs.

One major influence on the Frontier was the IMC Serviceman's Readjustment Act (a.k.a the IMC's so-called "G.I. Bill"). This was awarded to veterans of IMC-backed military campaigns in the Core Systems of human civilisations. This gave veterans various benefits; loans to start businesses and farms on the Frontier, low-cost mortgages and guaranteed property rights on Frontier worlds to start new lives. Therefore, many homesteaders arriving at the Frontier still have combat skills from their time in the service, and know how to handle firearms and Titans.

Locations Edit

In the Frontier, most systems with a naturally occurring Earth-like planet only have one such planet - mass and distance from the local star(s) are usually the critical factors. The rest of the planets within such a system are usually not suitable for immediate habitation. In some cases, a planet can be altered through 60–100 years of terraforming to give it a breathable atmosphere necessary for unassisted human survival.

The earliest colonized systems were selected for their suitabiity for human habitation, possessing at least on Earth-like world (not too hot, not too cold and capable of sustaining human life). Some of the criteria were; a breathable or terraformable atmosphere, safe geological an cosmic conditions and having roughly 1g of gravity.

While habitable planets do exist throughout known space, the systems containing them are rarely clustered near each other. The Frontier is quite unusual in this regard, and how this came to be is a mystery.

Image System Planet Location(s)
Titanfall 2 11
Freeport System Harmony Nexus (Militia HQ)

Glitch (Based on)

TF Lagoon Loadscreen
Unknown Planet Lagoon
TF Boneyard Loadscreen
The Badlands Leviathan Boneyard
TF Zone 18 Loadscreen
Dakota System Unknown Planet Zone 18
TF Demeter Loadscreen
Demeter System Demeter Demeter (level)
TF Airbase Loadscreen
Fourth Moon of Demeter Airbase
TF2 BT-7274 Loadscreen 1
Unknown System Typhon

Orthros (Moon)

Fold Weapon



Crash Site

Forwardbase Kodai

Reclamation Facility

World Foundry

Dynamic Testing Facility

Interstellar Beacon

TF2 Colony Loadscreen
Sector Bravo-21 Troy Colony G21
TF Relic Loadscreen
TF Rise Loadscreen
Unknown System Gridiron Rise
TF TrainingGround Loadscreen
Training Ground
TF2 Eden Loadscreen
Yuma System Eden Eden
TF Fracture Loadscreen
Victor Fracture
The Outlands Solace King's Canyon

There are dozens more locations, but these have not been listed due to the absence of a System and/ or planet name.

Life Edit

Fauna and Flora Edit

The Frontier is home to a diverse array of Fauna and Flora, including the massive Leviathans, the winged Flyers and the pack-hunter Prowlers. Through the actions of IMC panspermia experiments (And possibly other processes), these forms of life can be encountered on many worlds.

Alien Civilisations Edit

Although never directly observed, evidence for at least three alien civilisations having existed in the past on the Frontier has been found in several different star systems. Two of these appear to have been primitive, stone-age civilisations whose ruins and temples have been found in Swamplands and Lagoons.

The last, and much more technologically advanced than humanity, appears to have manufactured the Fold Weapon.

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