The Fold Weapon is the ninth and final mission of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign. After surviving capture and interrogation by Apex Predator commander Kuben Blisk and witnessing the destruction of BT-7274's remains by his subordinate Slone, Jack Cooper stages a daring escape before reuniting with his Titan in a new body. The duo fight their way through IMC forces on foot as they infiltrate the Fold Weapon facilities. Cooper and BT have a final showdown with Blisk and Slone before enacting a last, desperate gambit to stop the Fold Weapon from firing before it's too late.


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After a short interrogation from Kuben Blisk and Slone, Jack is nearly executed in front of BT in order to coerce the Titan into handing over the Ark. BT instead destroys the room with his Multi-Target Missile System, killing all the Grunts present but narrowly missing Blisk and Slone. Slone returns with her Titan and destroys BT's chassis.

Jack retrieves BT's AI core and the SERE Kit within and escapes the facility while simultaneously wreaking havoc with his smart pistol. Sarah Briggs deploys an empty Vanguard chassis to the battlefield, in which Cooper places BT's memory core. With the duo reunited, they set off to prevent the usage of the Fold Weapon.

They arrive at the Fold Weapon and are stopped by Slone. After a fight, they kill Slone and attempt to stop the Ark from being inputted into the Fold Weapon. BT is damaged when this attempt fails, and Blisk shows up to congratulate the duo on making it this far. He offers Jack a position in the Apex Predators before departing.

TF2 Achievement The Real Pilot's Gauntlet

Jack Cooper is rescued in the nick of time.

A damaged BT hurls himself in to the Ark and detonates his core to destroy it, but not before throwing Cooper out of the blast radius. Barker and Briggs rescue Cooper in the minefield of ensuing floating debris and remains of the facility, and the Marauder Corps return to Harmony.


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