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"The Battle of Demeter" redirects here. For the in-universe understanding of the battle, see Battle of Demeter

"The Battle of Demeter" is the eighth campaign mission of Titanfall. It takes place on Hardpoint Domination on Demeter.




Pre-Mission Briefing


Graves: Attention all Pilots, this is your commanding officer Vice Admiral Graves. Please stand by for a transmission from your employer, Mister Hammond.

Hammond: Are you recieving me, Graves?

Graves: Yes, sir. Proceed.

Hammond: All loyal members of the IMC, I have been informed of the recent loss of our air support responsible for the security of Demeter. Rest assured, I am presently fuelling reinforcements to be dispatched from the Core Systems, on the long jump to the Frontier. You will hold the port of Demeter this day, you will crush the terrorists' last-ditch attempt at disrupting our civilisation - and you will find yourselves relieved and rewarded tomorrow. Vice Admiral Graves, our world is in your hands.

Graves: Yes, sir. All Pilots, prepare for battle.


MacAllan: All of our fight, all of our sacrifice has bought us this one day. Every ship in the Militia's fleet is marshalling for the Battle of Demeter. This is the refuelling station that connects the Frontier to the Core Systems, and its endless supply of enemy reinforcements. It falls to you, Pilots, to destroy the Demeter base. I swore I'd never climb back into one of these things. I would never order you into the fire I would not enter myself. I will personally take command of Sarah's covert assault squad and initiate a chain reaction of the IMC fuel cells. I ask you Pilots to engage the IMC infantry - if you can win this battle on the ground, you will alter the course of history. Pilots, prepare for titanfall.


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The Militia forces attack Demeter - the key refuelling link that allows travel between the IMC's Core Systems and the Frontier. While his forces fight to start a devastating chain reaction that will wipe out the refuelling systems at Demeter, MacAllan plays out his final endgame with Vice Admiral Graves. Again, MacAllan questions Graves' actions as a Vice Admiral in the IMC. He reminds Graves that fifteen years ago, Graves allowed him to desert with the Odyssey - not under the duress of a mutiny, but in an act of compassion to a friend burned out on war. In the end, MacAllan offers the Vice Admiral one last chance to redeem himself, and to the change the fate of the Frontier, against all the bloodshed under his command.[1]

Entering the atmosphere.

IMC forces begin the match on the bridge of IMS Colossus, given a spectacular view of the battle in space before they embark and deploy onto the surface of Demeter in their drop pods. Blisk joins them, though activates Cloak and heads into the facility alone while the troops clash. Meanwhile, Militia Crows succesfully enter the planet's atmosphere, but are soon shot down by the base's Heavy Turret air defenses. MacAllan deploys in his Ogre-class Titan to assist the troops in storming the hill they land on, but is soon forced to eject and enter the base alone.

Throughout the battle, both IMC and Militia forces attempt to fight over a series of Hardpoints that would allow the former to overload the reactor core remotely, and the latter to completely shut down the reactor to prevent detonation of the core. Ultimately, Sarah and Bish realise that the Core is more shielded than they had expected from the schematics recovered from IMS Odyssey, and the only way to destroy it will be through a manual detonation. With the amount of radiation given off by the reactor and the certainty of a massive explosion, anyone who attempts so will certainly die. 

Eventually, MacAllan reaches the core with Blisk not far behind, with Graves restricting Blisk to hand-to-hand combat only for fear of rupturing a coolant cell. Because of this, MacAllan is able to get inside the core and begin a manual meltdown of the system. Blisk is ordered to retreat back to his ship for evacuation before the core destructs. 


Above ground, the Militia fleet succesfully enters the atmosphere to provide support to their ground troops, with the IMC fleet battling them in the sky. Part-way through the battle, an IMC Carrier arrives and begins deploying several wings of Phantoms to assist. 

Ultimately, Graves attempts to send evac shuttles for his ground forces upon realising the base is lost, but the shuttles are manually overriden by Spyglass. Bish attempts to do the same, though MacAllan orders the ships away. As both fleets jump away from the planet to a safe distance, the core explodes, wiping out all Pilots on the surface. Graves defects from the now-stranded IMC fleet to the Militia, resulting in the promotion of Spyglass to Vice Admiral and the creation of the Remnant Fleet


  • This mission thus-far marks the only actual in-game appearance of Doctor Hammond.


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