The Ark is the eighth mission of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign. The IMS Draconis escaped from the IMC airfield with the Ark on board and headed straight for the Fold Weapon, so the 9th Militia Fleet - with support from Barker and the 6-4 - give aerial chase in the skies of Typhon. Jack Cooper and BT-7274 must survive harrassment by the Draconis's escorts and a showdown with the high-flying Apex Predator Viper in their daring effort to board the Draconis and recover the Ark.


Frontier MilitiaEdit

Apex Predators Edit


Ship to Ship Edit

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The mission starts with Jack Cooper and BT-7274 riding inside a Widow dropship, escorted by the MCS Carter Braxton, The 6-4, Blackbird Squadron and Sarah Briggs in her own Widow. As the fleet catches up on one of the escort ships, IMS Thermopylae, the squadron is ambushed by the Northstar Titan piloted by Viper. A rocket barrage knocks Jack out of his ship, and onto the back of a dropship piloted by Barker. BT also lands on the dropship, asking Jack to perform a "Fastball" - a maneuvre in which BT throws Jack a considerable distance.

Jack then lands on the Crow piloted by the 6-4, before using the gap to jump into the battleship IMS Malta. From here, Jack makes his way through the ship, fighting Grunts and Stalkers until he makes his way to a battery of Medium Turrets. However, he is too late to stop them from shooting down the MCS Carter Braxton.

How the 6-4 Does It Edit

After disabling the guns, The 6-4 then joins the Pilot on the ship, ready to take the bridge. However, one problem arises; there is no direct access between the gunnery bay and the hangar; the compensate, Sarah uses her Widow as a platform for the Pilots to wallrun on, allowing them to jump into the main hangar bay of the Malta.

After taking out a company of infantry, the group make their way to the bridge, breaching and efficiently cutting down its crew. With unrestricted access to the controls, Jack Cooper uses his Data Knife to deactivate the ship's complement of Heavy Turrets. With this completed, Barker can finally drop BT onto the ship, ready to fastball Cooper onto the transport ship IMS Draconis.

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide Edit

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Before this can be completed, however, the two are once again ambushed by Viper. During the fight, Viper will deploy two Scorch Titans to assist him. However, numerous batteries are situated on the hull of the ship, allowing for health regeneration.

After Viper's defeat, BT and Jack will once again attempt a throw onto the Draconis, but Viper, managing to regain control of his Titan, will fly directly into the duo, attemtping to throw them off the Malta. After a brief melee in the air, the three land on the hull of the Draconis. As Viper fires off a shot of his Plasma Railgun, BT lunges for him, putting the two in a desparate fight, with Viper's cockpit having been ripped off. The fight is finished after Jack shoots Viper, his Titan firing off a salvo of missiles in its death throes.

Evacuation Edit

Having defeated Viper, the two can now make their way into the ship itself. Unfortunately, the damage sustained in the fight is severe, BT having lost an arm and the Draconis itself going down. With only minutes before surface impact, the two run past the IMC Marines attempting to evacuate via lifeboat and straight into the room storing the Ark. BT places the Ark inside his cockpit, before shielding Jack from the impact.

The two are then captured by Kuben Blisk, and taken to a facility near the Fold Weapon for interrogation.

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Pilot HelmetsEdit

There are 3 Pilot Helmets to be collected on this level.

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