Kit icepick
The 'Icepick' is a modified Data Knife that increases the speed with which you can hack Spectres and turret control panels.
— In-game description.
The 'Icepick' is a modification available to the Data Knife developed by Cheng "Bish" Lorck. It was developed using data stolen from Base Golden's prototype Repulsor Tower, and used by Sarah Briggs in the militia assault on Airbase Sierra to bring down the three towers surrounding the airfield.


The 'Icepick' is a Tier 2 Pilot Kit that appears in Titanfall. It increases speed of hacking Spectres and Heavy Turrets by 40%. It is unlocked at level 43.


  • During Here Be Dragons, Bish refers to the pain experienced by Flyers during a Repulsor Tower pulse as being akin to an "Icepick to the forehead". It is possible this is where the name for his Data Knife modification came from.
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