Tank is a default Titan loadout in Titanfall. It is unlocked at level 1. Armed with the powerful 40mm Cannon, this Tank loadout for the Ogre is all about dishing out heavy damage, best suited for engaging enemy Titans. The 40mm Cannon is effective at both intermediate and close range, so don’t worry about rushing in to point-blank range. Instead, keep your distance and pound away at your opponents while blocking and redirecting incoming fire with the Vortex Shield. Once active, the Shield Core ability can help absorb some of those incoming projectiles too. This particular loadout excels in desperate close-quarter duels thanks to its Survivor Tier 2 Kit—this allows the Titan to survive longer in its doomed state, giving you more time to fight before ejecting. But before you eject, make sure you’re as close as possible to enemy units—the Nuclear Ejection Tier 1 Kit emits a massive blast, capable of wiping out Pilots, minions, and even Titans in wide radius.

Chassis OS Voice
Ogre Betty
40mm Cannon
Factory Issue
Tactical Ability
Vortex Shield
Rocket Salvo
Kit build up nuclear core
Nuclear Ejection
Kit doomed time
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