Tactical Abilities are functions distributed between Pilots and Titans to provide an edge on the battlefield. Tactical Abilities are temporary and only last a few seconds. Once used, they have a cool-down timer before they can be used again. Pilot abilities are geared towards offence while Titan abilities are geared towards defense.

Pilot AbilitiesEdit

Pilots have access to three different tactical abilities. CloakStim and Active Radar Pulse

  • Cloak allows the Pilot to become partially invisible to other Pilots and fully invisible to Titans in order to allow them to avoid detection or evade enemies
  • Stim grants Pilots a temporary boost in speed and health regeneration. There is a minor visual distortion around the edge of the screen.
  • Active Radar Pulse allows the Pilot to detect enemies and allies (Grunt, Spectre, Pilot, or Titan) through walls or other solid objects. Enemies are red and allies are blue. 

Titan AbilitiesEdit

Titans also possess three tactical abilities. Vortex Shield, Electric Smoke, and Particle Wall.

  • Vortex Shield is a shield that is generated from the Titan's hand and "catches" incoming projectiles. Caught projectiles are suspended within the shield until the shield's duration ends or the user lets go at which point the projectiles are launched at what the user is aiming at.
  • Electric Smoke has the Titan release a cloud of white smoke that carries an electric current. The smoke both obscures sight but also damages any enemies within the cloud.
  • Particle Wall is a shield wall that protects from all incoming enemy fire while still allowing the user and allies to fire through it.