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The Terraforming & Automated Life-control Operation System, or "TALOS", is a renegade planetary AI that serves as one of the primary antagonists in the overall story of Titanfall Online.

Originally, TALOS was a planetary environment control system and artificial intelligence designed by the IMC. TALOS was designed with the purpose of controlling and altering the planetary environments of the Frontier to allow humans to engage with the local ecology. To this end, TALOS has the authority to remotely access and manipulate the AI of most machines stationed on a given planet. Following the Battle of Demeter, the system was repurposed as a way to counter the Frontier Militia's advances on the Frontier.

TALOS was deployed on the planet Tristan - a planet previously used for studying terraforming techniques, now the location of several IMC secret military research facilities. However, the AI would break free of its programming restraints and take control of a robotic army (likely made up of Spectres, Stalkers and Reapers), with which it fights and attempts to eradicate humanity.[1] TALOS now serves as a rogue element, fighting for neither the IMC nor the Frontier Militia.


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