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Swampland is a multiplayer map featured in Titanfall, available only in the first downloadable content, Expedition.


Swampland's ancient ruins were revealed when the IMC's newly acquired water processing facilities began to drain the region. Under Spyglass' direction, an IMC dig site was quickly established to recover artifacts within the ruins. Intercepting transmissions from the dig site, the approaching Frontier Militia recon fleet diverts a small strike team to secure the archaeological data.[1]

Swampland takes place in a jungle-like biome that features ruined alien architecture. There are many trees that Pilots are able to wallrun on, hang from, and even travel across the tops of them. The map is also inhabited by Flyers.


  • Swampland is a hard map to gain control through offensive tactics thus requiring players to utilize ambush or defensive tactics to win the match.
  • The dense foliage and Dimly lit ruins can easily conceal a pilot so stick with your teammates.
  • Cloak and Active Radar Pulse are helpful on this map especially when dealing with sneaky pilots or scoring a couple of minion kills.

Trivia Edit

  • Given their name - the Archaelogical RESearch Division - it is likely that the archaeological teams comissioned to explore the site are ARES Division.[2]
  • The ruins are mentioned to cause some kind of visual interference similar to the effects observed while near the Ark, causing visual glitches in War Games.[3] This, combined with the presence of alien structures and presence of Flyers suggests this map (and the Expedition DLC as a whole) are in fact set on Typhon.



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