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Stim is a Pilot Tactical Ability that appears in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. It allows for a temporary boost to Pilot speed. It also doubles the pilot's health regeneration. This ability is handy for those pilots who like to traverse the map quickly or find themselves injured often. In the games’ sequel, Apex Legends, there is a Legend called Octane, who’s Tactical Ability is a Stim, which currently in Season 9, takes away 25 health from the player however makes the player move faster a short moment, similar to Stim in Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

There is also an execution that involves it, Late Hit.


  • It is paired best with a close-range weapon with the Gunrunner attachment on it, also best paired with the smart pistol for quick and guaranteed kills
  • Reflexive use allows pilots to quickly evade enemy fire and recover health.
  • The speed boost from Stim combines with that of wall running, and can be used to launch into a Slide Hop at breakneck speeds, or chain wall runs together.
  • Stim is best used on urban or thickly covered maps.
  • Skilled pilots can use the movement system and stim in conjuction for massive flanks during the start of a match.


  • While running, a stimmed pilot will have a blue trail behind him/her.
  • If a friendly pilot stims, they can be heard saying, "Stimming!" or "Using Stim!"