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Heavy capture troops who stay on roadways. After suffering severe damage they remain semi-functional, crwaling towards enemy turrets while ready to explode.
— In-game description
Stalkers are a Burn Card, that can be deployed in Titanfall: Assault. Like their Frontier Defense counterparts, they can use the explosive packs on their backs to damage enemy units and structures.


Stalkers pose a great threat due to their much heavier armour, making it a good counter against Sim Ninja or Spectre Capt.. This, however, results in the Stalkers moving a slow place and are restricted to the movement (and being deployed) on roads.

Stalkers are armed with Volt SMGs, giving them decent (but hardly superb) damage against robotic targets. Although their anti-human damage is very lackluster, they can instantly (and brutally) execute any Grunt they come into contact with. While highly efficient, this ability has a short range and the Stalkers will not close distance to use it. Seeing as how Grunts are all stationary, this mostly comes into play when one gets deployed on top of the other.

Once a Stalker's health is depleted, its legs are blown off and it gains a new health bar but suffers from a lengthy (5-6s) stun. If not destroyed before the stun wears off, the Stalker will begin to crawl towards enemy targets, trying to leap at them and detonate its power pack, acting as a tougher but weaker and considerably less mobile variant of the Blast Spectre.

Stalkers are extremely annoying to the enemy, as they can be very effective deadly tanks before Titans are brought into the battlefield.

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