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Stalkers are robots introduced in Titanfall 2. They were created by the IMC (Hammond Robotics) and first encountered by the Frontier Militia on Typhon. Stalkers are similar to BRD-01 Spectres, but feature heavier armor and a more resilient frame that allows them to survive damage that would be fatal to Spectres and Grunts; even after losing its legs, a Stalker can remain functional and will crawl along the ground with its arms, attempting to grab the legs of prospective victims. Stalkers appear to be designed by the IMC as anti-Pilot units that can also pose a threat to Titans in large groups. They use a variety of weapons, but they usually wield the L-STAR, Volt or Mastiff. They can be fatal in groups, but individuals are easy due to the Stalker's low accuracy.

Due to the armoured frame of the Stalker, the Stalker cannot be hacked by the Data Knife. However, the Stalker holds a glowing orange power supply on its back that explodes after being damaged under volatile conditions - this may kill anyone nearby with low enough health. In multiplayer, this can also occur if stepped on by a Titan.

Stalkers in Frontier Defense take the role of upgraded Suicide Spectres, deploying and making their way (even running at intervals) to the Harvester to detonate their explosive packs.

Executions Edit

Titanfall 2 Edit

Rarely seen, Stalkers have their own exclusive set of brutal Executions. It is unknown what they are called. A Stalker that is crawling will up-end a the victim (by grabbing his/her/its leg) then finish by smashing into the neck (breaking it, thus killing), using one of their hands bunched up into a fist.

These last ones are for when they are standing. For the second one, and if their target is facing them, then punch through and damage the heart. Then the Stalker throws the body in front of them on the ground.

The third one, again, is for when both hunter and target are facing each other. The attacked tries to punch with the right fist but the Stalker grabs it (with its left), then, after twisting the arm, uses its other arm to punch three times repeatedly in the victim's face. The target's body doesn't move, being like a statue, and once the stalker lets go he slowly, with the same position, falls down.

The fourth execution is for when the target is showing their back to the attacker, punching through the skin to the heart (shoulders go up high and the attacked is shocked), then pulling their hand back out of it (letting the victim's body drop to the ground). In the end, the way of killing is the same as the second.

Like the fourth, the fifth animation can play when the Stalker is behind an enemy and uses its execution. Doing an upwards punch, it gets the target in the back and breaks into the heart. By then, the body is nearly perfectly horizontal, held up by the robot's arm. Then the Stalker removes its hand and the enemy falls (forward) on his/her/its face.

They have only seen to be done on grunts in the campaign, but it is assumed they can do it in multiplayer, do it to Pilots, and do it to other infantry (e.g. other Stalkers and Spectres).

Titanfall: Assault Edit

TFA Stalkers

The Stalkers Burn Card.

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Stalkers have the ability to execute Grunts and variants in Titanfall: Assault. They only have a single animation for this, bringing the butt of their gun on the victim's face twice before knocking them down with an offhand punch, all complete with wet crunching sounds.

Trivia Edit

  • When hit by an Arc Grenade, Stalkers will "tip" instead of collapse, as it freezes their mechanical joints.
  • If they are hit the right way with a powerful weapon (like the 40mm Tracker Cannon), they will spin around from the shock and look the wrong way, but they correct themselves.
  • As of The War Games update, Stalkers have been modified so that if you step on them as a Titan, they will explode and damage your Titan for 1250 points of damage. They have also been painted red to help better differentiate them from the non-exploding Spectres and their single-player counterparts. These changes have been made to act as a soft-nerf to Titan domination of drop zones in Attrition and Bounty Hunt, allowing enemy players and friendly Pilots without Titans to have a higher chance of killing some enemies.
  • In the Titanfall 2 Campaign mission “The Beacon”, Stalkers can be hacked using the Arc Tool by zapping the port on top of the Stalker Racks.

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