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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

— SRS Motto

The Special Recon Squadron, or simply SRS, is the Frontier Militia's special forces branch who handle covert and other high-risk missions across the Frontier. They're tasked to handle missions of considerable variety and importance, which includes covert infiltrations, sabotage, data retrieval, and force eliminations of key IMC operations.


Following their seminal victory at the Battle of Demeter, the Militia metamorphosed from a rag-tag mishmash of rebels and armed civilians into a serious, more formalized military force that could more equally stand toe-to-toe with the IMC. As its new military-industrial complex came into being, the armed forces got organized, creating formal branches of the military. It was in this period of transition that the Special Recon Squadron, the special forces division, came into existence alongside other branches like the army and navy. The famed Marauder Corps (M-COR), the heroes of the Battle of Demeter and of previous engagements, folded into the restructuring and was now a sub-section of the SRS, one of numerous Corps answering to this special forces branch of the military. Many of the Militia's available Pilots gained rank within the SRS.

As Operation: Broadsword got underway, the SRS had several high commanders to its name, chief of which included M-COR bellwether Sarah Briggs. Other notable leaders included two Pilots, Major Eli Anderson and Captain Tai Lastimosa. They were supported by the 9th Militia Fleet and 41st Militia Rifle Battalion, among other units.

The SRS logo depicts a blue Prowler, a natural predator known to stalk and ambush its prey. This emblem can be seen on most of the division's equipment, including Titans BT-7274, MOB-1316, and FS-1041, as well as the SERE Kit and other pieces of equipment.


As a branch similar in scope to the Militia's Army or Navy equivalents, the SRS has many sub-units, typcially acknowledged as "corps". One known Corps is the aforemention Marauder Corps. As such, the M-COR's Riflemen report directly to the SRS' Pilots. These infantry units support SRS operation with fire support and manpower, such as that seen in the Battle of Typhon.

All Pilots in the SRS hold an officer rank such as Captain or Major, and these elevated responsibilities also confer the use of the Vanguard-class Titan.[1]

Known Members