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Robots designed to kill while in stealth, from a distance.

The Sniper Spectre is a variant of BRD-01 Spectre employed by the IMC. They are exclusive to the Frontier Defense game mode.[1] They have been replaced in Titanfall 2's Frontier Defense by regular Grunts wielding Charge Rifles. They also reappear as a similarly named Burn Card in Titanfall: Assault called Sniper Spectres.


The Sniper Spectre is identified by a flat black paint job with red trim, use of the Longbow-DMR Sniper & Charge Rifle for anti-Titan attacks, alongside the ability to cloak which - like the Tactical Ability available to Pilots - is very effective against Titan optics but much less so against Pilots, especially at close range. Sniper Spectres have quite a high degree of accuracy and seem especially adept at hitting moving targets, which when combined with their cloaking ability and propensity to quickly shift their firing positions can make them a nuisance to dispatch. However, their threat level versus the Harvester is relatively low due to their low damage output; they are, however, extremely effective at taking out placed Light Turrets.