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The Smart Pistol scans for hostile targets within a short range, locking onto them automatically. Any rounds fired will then maneuver to hit the locked targets. Aiming with the iron sights allows the operator to use the pistol in manual targeting mode.
— In-game description.

The Smart Pistol is a Pilot anti-personnel semi-automatic lock-on pistol, manufactured by Lastimosa Armory, that appears in Titanfall. It has since been succeeded in Titanfall 2 by the Smart Pistol MK6.


The Smart Pistol MK5 is an automatic lock-on target primary handgun. In close range, the weapon will lock-on to the enemies head and chest. It takes 3 locked-on hits to kill a Pilot, 2 for Spectres, and will instantly kill Grunts. The Smart Pistol also takes a longer time to lock onto actual enemy Pilots than AIs, making it an excellent weapon for "crowd control" of AIs, but not for PvP combat. The Smart Pistol will also lock-on to ordnance, like Grenades and Arc Mines. You can only have 5 locks at a time.

The Smart Pistol has a unique damage system, and always does 67 damage (50 when not locked-on) against Pilots, 100 against Grunts (instant kill), and 101 damage against Spectres; there is no headshot multiplier or range drop.

When using iron sights, the pistol will not use its lock-on capabilities, performing similarly to the Hammond P2011. Also damage to pilots will be decreased from 67 to 50, making it a 4 shot kill instead of 3.

It has a rather unique first-person view while unsighted, featuring the player holding it almost sideways in the middle of the screen. The reticle is also atypical in that it is only a mere dot. Despite this, there is actually an 8 degree spread. When aiming down the sight, it has a moderate effective range, similar to other handguns, but it has a very short range for lock-on capabilities. It's not the best weapon to use on moving targets, due to its lock-on time.

Unlike all other handguns to be found in Titanfall, it is actually a primary weapon. This is likely for balance reasons.

Note that the lock-on sound can also be heard by other players, but can be silenced with the Stealth Kit.

Cloaked Pilots will take nearly twice the time to lock on to. If a Pilot cloaks while you're locked-on to them the current locks will break and you'll have to lock-on again.

The Factory Default has a 20 meter lock-on range and a 45 degree search radius. It takes 0.37 to 0.65 seconds per lock on a Pilot, 0.1 to 0.2 seconds to lock on to Grunts and Spectres, 0.35 seconds to lock-on to Ordnance, and a 0.1 second delay between targets

When using the Smart Pistol with the Enhanced Targeting mod, it will have a 23.8 meter lock-on range and a 36 degree search radius. It'll take 0.34 to 0.59 seconds per lock on a Pilot, 0.1 to 0.15 seconds per lock on Grunts and Spectres, and no delay between targets.

When using the Smart Pistol with the Suppressor mod, it'll take 0.45 to 0.8 seconds per lock-on a Pilot, 0.1 to 0.25 seconds per lock on Grunts and Spectres, and a 0.22 second delay between targets.

When using the Amped Smart Pistol, it'll take 0.32 to 0.55 seconds per lock on a Pilot, and each locked bullet does 101 damage, killing pilots in 2 locks.


  • Perfect Crowd Control Weapon versus minions
  • Instant Kills any player with full lock-on


  • Lock-on Time increases on cloaked players
  • Smart Pistol users have to stay out of sight when locking on to enemy players
  • Poor hip fire accuracy renders it useless in CQC

Field Notes

  • If using against Pilots, the Enhanced Targeting mod is the most useful, as it will shave precious seconds off of the lock-on period while giving you an extended range benefit needed to kill.
  • If using against minions & Spectres, the suppressor mod is most useful. Keeping highly mobile while adopting hit and run and fire and forget tactics while keeping off the mini map will allow you to obliterate entire squads in seconds. Pair it with the Minion Detector for the ultimate minion-slayer class.
  • Out of all the Pilot weapons, the Smart Pistol is the least competitive weapon in direct combat situations, as it doesn't have the fire power or time to kill to compete with opponents wielding CQB weapons nor the range of assault rifles and sniper rifles.
  • Adopting an unpredictable play style, making use of the wall running and wall hanging abilities, while attacking from unexpected vantage points and staying out of direct combat, is key to your success with the Smart Pistol. The Enhanced Parkour Kit or the Stealth Kit can greatly increase effectiveness against Pilots,
  • If you want to extend the killing power and range of this weapon, pairing the Smart Pistol with the Bottomless Frags burn card can make for an extremely deadly class setup, as you only need one lock-on for grenades, compared to the 3 for Pilots, and your range is only as short as the grenades throwing distance.
  • The Run N Gun Kit allows you to lock-on and fire while running.
  • Grunt lock-ons usually count as headshots when fired.
  • If you need a long-range back-up weapon against Pilots, consider packing-up the Charge Rifle.
  • In desperate situations, especially if you are used to FPS gameplay, try aiming manually. This will cancel any locks you have and the bullets will fly straight. Although it will then take four bullets to kill a pilot, this tactic is handy in situations where a pilot is hiding in a squad of grunts. Only attempt this if you are an experienced player due to the lack of stopping power in the gun when aiming manually.

Weapon Mods

Image Name Description Unlock
Enhanced targeting.png
Enhanced Targeting This mod increases Smart Pistol's lock-on speed and increases its target acquisition range, at the expense of a smaller targeting area. Top Gun (II) Challenge: Kill 15 Pilots
Extended magazine.png
Extended Magazine This mod increases the ammo capacity of the weapon, making it so that you don’t have to reload as often. Machine War (III) Challenge: Kill 50 Spectres
Mod suppressor.png
Suppressor This mod reduces the firing noise and muzzle flash of the weapon, making it ideal for taking your enemies by surprise. If It Moves... (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Enemies


Reception of the Smart Pistol MK5 is generally mixed within the community and its power is highly debated among players. Some players consider the Smart Pistol unfair due to its lock-on feature and it's argued that it negates any skill once it has locked-on to its targets. Because of the relative ease to lock-on to targets, these players believe that the Smart Pistol can allow players to easily outperform others in fights. Other players, however, argue that the Smart Pistol is fair due to its long lock-on time, short lock-on range, and relatively long time to kill compared to other weapons. Due to its long lock-on time and other weaknesses, they argue that players will have plenty of time to fight against and outperform the Smart Pistol user.

Titanfall 2

Full Article: Smart Pistol MK6

The Smart Pistol MK6 is a Pilot anti-personnel pistol that appears in Titanfall 2 that has succeeded the MK5.[1] The pistol is no longer a loadout weapon, instead being available to use as a Boost. When activated, the Smart Pistol replaces your secondary for the remainder of that life.


  • The Smart Pistol is a possible reference to the auto-locking Smart Gun from the 1986 film Aliens.
  • When the Smart Pistol is used on a Grunt, it will always do damage equal to the Grunt's max health.
  • The Smart Pistol MK5 used to have a faster lock-on time along with increased damage per shot, however due to excessive complaints from the Titanfall community the weapon was later nerfed to where its damage is reduced slightly along with the lock-on time extended.
  • The weapon has been stated to fire the fictitious 9x89mm round, but the in-game model uses a 9x21mm cartridge instead.