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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Slide Hopping or Bunny Hopping, as it is otherwise known, is a technique employed to maintain speed over open ground as a Pilot.

It is performed by getting airbourne by some means or another, and before hitting the ground pressing the 'crouch' button. Upon hitting the ground, the player must immediately jump then repeat the process as desired. This will maintain (and in some cases, increase) the Pilot's forward momentum over tremendous distances, even allowing pilots to turn corners while moving in this manner without sacrificing speed.


  • Precision weapons can be difficult to aim while Slide Hopping
  • Combine with wall running and/or Stim to achieve greater speeds. Grapple can be used to similar effect.
  • This technique allows for very fast flag captures in Capture the Flag
  • Other players, especially if embarked in a Titan can struggle to hit players moving in this manner
  • Employing this method in Hardpoint allows players to flank and reposition more effectively.


  • Players who have crouched while in midair count as crouched/sliding with regard to weapon accuracy, so automatic and high-spread weapons can yield great results
  • The technique is very similar to one present in Titanfall, which only required that the player jumped upon contact with the ground, rather than combine it with a slide.



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