Simulacra are robotic soldiers employed by both the IMC and Frontier Militia. While they bear superficial resemblance to the commonly-fielded BRD-01 Spectre, Simulacra are instead human minds uploaded into robotic bodies.

Overview Edit

Simulacra are digital copies of a Pilot's memories, knowledge, and personality. It is unknown precisely how Simulacra are made, but their most common application among the IMC and Frontier Militia is to preserve a Pilot whose original body has been destroyed or damaged beyond repair. The copies are downloaded into robotic bodies, allowing those Pilots to live on and continue fighting.
Stim 2

A female Simulacrum.

Due to their human personalities and to maintain vestiges of their past humanity, Simulacra will often decorate or customize their chassis with trinkets or clothing, despite not having a practical need for them. This can be seen in the raccoon-like ponytails serving as "hair" sported by Phase Shift Pilots or the hood and mask worn by Ash, for example. A Simulacrum will still typically identify themselves as masculine or feminine, as well, and this is reflected in their chassis - a "female" Simulacrum has a more pronounced bust, and they can speak with a masculine or feminine voice.

Gameplay Edit

Titanfall 2 Edit

In Titanfall 2, Simulacra known as Specialists can be fought as enemies in the campaign. They typically wield support weapons such as the MGL or Mastiff, and will deploy Plasma Drones and Ticks until dead. They are not a major threat by themselves, instead acting as support units. Specialists bear resemblance to Phase Shift Pilots in the multiplayer, but do not use any Pilot abilities. Militia-aligned Simulacra also briefly appear aboard the MCS James MacAllan during the mission The Pilot's Gauntlet.

TFA Sim Ninja

The Sim Ninja Burn Card.

In Multiplayer, players can play as male or female Simulacra with the Stim and Phase Shift Pilot Tactical Abilities. During the Titanfall 2 Technical Test, Grapple Pilots were given the model of what is now the Phase Shift Pilot, but this was changed for final release.

Titanfall: Assault Edit

A Simulacrum known as the Sim Ninja can be deployed as a legendary Pilot in Titanfall: Assault. He wields a sword and can drop anywhere on the map.

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