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The Sidewinder is a rapid-fire micro-missile launcher. It is effective against large targets, but lacks precision due to its large spread. The micro-missiles it fires do not yield a large area effect on detonation, due to their shaped-charge design.
— In-game description.

The Anti-Titan Sidewinder Micro Rocket launcher (AT-SMR),[1] also known as the Sidewinder or SMR, is an Anti-Titan Automatic Rocket Launcher (AT-ARL)[2] that appears in Titanfall and Titanfall 2It is manufactured by Wonyeon Defense.



The Sidewinder is an anti-Titan weapon that makes it easy for the Pilots to damage enemy Titans. The micro-missiles do limited damage, but may do critical damage by hitting vulnerable spots. It has a rather high fire rate with a high magazine capacity to boot. It should be advised that it is useless when rodeo attacking a Titan, because the missiles will explode on impact, killing the pilot.

It is mainly effective at close range where it can hit vulnerable spots and deal critical damage. It is less effective at medium range, where it can at least hit an enemy. For long range, other anti-titan weapons are preferable.

The Amped Sidewinder Burn Card provides a Sidewinder with a maximum magazine capacity of 50.

Titanfall 2

Rapidly fires micro-missiles.
— In-game Description

The Sidewinder returns in Titanfall 2, though rebranded as the Sidewinder SMR. It has also changed categories; instead of being an Anti-Titan weapon, it is now a Grenadier weapon, and can be equipped as a Pilot primary, alongside AT weapons such as the Archer Heavy Rocket and Mag Launcher. It is competent against both infantry and Titans, being able to kill enemy Pilots in only two shots. It requires lead to keep its projectiles on target, however.

The SMR has a magazine capacity of 20, though this can be extended to 25 with the Extra Ammo mod.

The SMR's fire rate is faster than Spitfire LMG.


  • A Sidewinder, paired with A-Wall, will shred through Titans like nothing, particularly in Last Titan Standing. This is an incredibly useful combo.
  • Leading your shot from longer distances can be very helpful.
  • Extra ammo and speedloader are good mods to have on your SMR.

Weapon Mods

Image Name Description Unlock
Extra Ammo
Increased ammo capacity.
SMR Level 2
Shoot while sprinting.
SMR Level 4
Faster reload.
SMR Level 5
Gun Ready
Fast transition into aiming down the sights.
SMR Level 7
Quick Swap
Faster transition when switching to this weapon.
SMR Level 8
Pilot kills increase Tactical availability (Faster cooldown).
SMR Level 9

Weapon Attachments

Image Name Description Unlock
Pro Screen
Attachment that displays lifetime weapon XP count for the weapon.
SMR Regeneration


  • The Sidewinder's magazine size and fire rate have steadily increased over development, from 10 (with what appeared to be a slow fire rate and relatively high accuracy) to 15, to the current 25 (and relative scatterfire), changing it from an odd niche weapon to what is essentially a low accuracy rocket-launching assault rifle.
  • In the Titanfall 2 mission Trial By Fire, the Sidewinder appears as part of the default Pilot loadout.


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