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Shield Grunts are variants of Grunts present in Titanfall: Assault. They are armed with L-STARs and deploy Hard Cover to protect themselves.. They can be played as a Burn Card(as a group of 3) or deployed (in pairs) by a Grunt Capt. after he successfully captures a hardpoint.

While their shield is up, Shield Grunts take damage as if they were robotic targets; after it is depleted, they are human. This mixed nature, coupled with their low cost makes it difficult to effectively and cheaply remove them. Weapons that deal the same damage to human and robotic targets (for example, the rockets used by the Rocket Grunts and the Ogre) are recommended.

The anti-human damage of the Shield Grunts is comparable to their normal counterparts, but some 60% worse for the cost. Their anti-robotic damage, though, is significantly better. Combined with their shields, this makes them excellent against Spectres.
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