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Shield Captains[1] are a specialised type of Minion that can be encountered in the campaign of Titanfall 2. They serve as officers in the IMC Marine Corps, and are deployed as a force multiplier alongside other troops. They are typically equipped with the riot-shield like Particle Shield and a Spitfire, Mag Launcher, Hemlok or Mastiff as well as Electric Smoke Grenades.


IMC grunts often deploy alongside a commanding officer, known unofficially as a shield captain. In addition to preserving a command hierarchy on the battlefield, shield captains provide extra firepower and tactical sustainability for IMC squads; they’re often deployed in defensive positions. Protected by thick, ballistic armor and a blue energy shield (similar to Particle Walls deployed by Tone Titans) shield captains can absorb a tremendous amount of damage. However, shield captains are often slow to react to the quick, unpredictable movements of Pilots, making them vulnerable to flanking attacks.[1]

Shield Captains do not make an appearance in regular multiplayer, though can be found in Master and Insane difficulties of Frontier Defense, but are not as "chubby" as they are in the campaign, having the appearance of a normal grunt.


  • When fighting against Shield Captains, make sure not to get too close. Their shields will provide an effect similar to the stun of an Arc Grenade or Energy Siphon.


  • Shield Captains utilise the same model as the A-Wall Pilot, with the exception of their helmet.