The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

Chaingun Sentries take a while to build and decay over time but are great at taking out humans and guarding Hardpoints.
— In-game description

The Sentry is a remote turret Burn Card that can be deployed in Titanfall: Assault, via regular call-in or by a Sentry Tech. Once deployed, the location of choice will be fortified with a Light Turret.


The Sentry - and its arc and rocket cousins - is an emplacement designed to be set up well ahead of time, not as a reaction. It takes a few seconds to set up, but it's still vulnerable and can be targeted and damaged while setting up. It won't do any good deploying one to protect a Hardpoint when it's already overrun by enemy infantry.

That said, Sentries provide respectable single-target damage and 360-degree coverage that improves if you deploy it at an elevated position. Set it up to protect a Hardpoint you already control (in tandem with other defensive units) or to cover a neutral Hardpoint your Pilots and infantry are on the way to capture. Make sure to refresh any defenses with a new turret if you have the resources to spare, since their health slowly decays over time. It's a good deterrent against man-sized units and a decent distraction against Titans.

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