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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Scorch's primary offensive and defensive weapon is fire. Blunt and direct, Scorch can chain his abilities to force enemies out of cover, or trap them to deal maximum damage.
— Description

Scorch, short for Scorched Earth, is an Ogre-based Titan class in Titanfall 2,[1][2] and reappears in Titanfall: Assault.


Scorch is a Titan class based on the Ogre chassis. Scorch's loadout is entirely centred around fire. Blunt and direct, Scorch can chain its abilities to force enemies out of important objectives or trap them to deal maximum damage. Scorch achieves this by primarily using its incendiary traps, and the T-203 Thermite Launcher; a single-shot, break-action grenade launcher designed as a lighter and as added damage.

Scorch Strategy

  • Being a Titan with an Ogre-based chassis, Scorch has 12,500 HP. This is offset by a large hitbox and a single dash, making it easy to hit.
  • Scorch's area denial effects make it a prime choice to use as a defensive titan; its slow movement and slow attacks make it harder to master.
  • The T-203 Thermite Launcher is a single shot weapon and has a slow reload time.
  • The T-203 Thermite Launcher does 800 damage, but also deals damage over time to any Titan that comes into contact with the pools of thermite it leaves behind.
  • Without the Tempered Plating kit Scorch will take damage when standing in his own thermite. This means in the event that there is any thermite between it and an enemy Titan, Scorch will not be able to close the gap safely.
  • The T-203 Thermite Launcher launches projectiles, meaning players must account for drop and travel time. This is partially offset by the holographic trajectory line visible when aiming down the sights, similar to the R-6P Softball and grenades when using Ordnance Expert.
  • The T-203 Thermite Launcher fires thermite projectiles that deal initial area of effect damage, but also leave a pool of thermite in the impact zone. This can be used to hit a target behind cover by shooting a projectile at a wall near the target, allowing the explosion to drop the thermite onto it.
  • Players should try and aim for a Titan's legs when firing at it. Doing so increases the consistency with which the thermite pools connect and trail the target as they move forwards doing more damage. This consistency can be increased further by equipping the Wildfire Launcher kit as it increases the amount of thermite pools from 5 to 9 and multiplies their random velocity by 4, effectively increasing the spread.
  • If an objective such as a flag or an Amped Hardpoint is under attack, or a Pilot is hidden in a room not directly in the player's line of sight, Scorch can employ the Incendiary Trap coupled with any of his other abilities to ignite it, creating an area of damage lethal to Pilots and highly damaging to Titans.
  • Despite looking similar in appearance, Thermal Shield is fundamentally different from Vortex Shield:
    • While Vortex Shield catches projectiles to throw back at enemies, Thermal Shield simply destroys them.
    • Thermal shield has a significantly higher raise and lower time, making reactively catching projectiles much harder.
    • Thermal Shield deals damage over time to enemies touching it.
    • Vortex Shield is tied to Ion's energy reserves, while Thermal Shield is on its own timer.
    • Thermal shield will not cover Scorch's entire hitbox, it can still be shot in the toes by hitscan pilot and titan weaponry.
  • Incendiary Trap can be fired while using Thermal Shield.
  • As Thermal Shield deals heavy damage upon contact, a dash is often used to close the gap between Scorch and other Titans. This is especially effective against Ronin's Sword Core because of its reliance on close range.
  • Flame Core's wave of fire ignites Incendiary Traps. As such, these two can be used together to augment the damage dealt by Scorch's core. This is redundant when using the Scorched Earth perk however, which gives Flame Core's wave of fire the ability to leave thermite trails.
  • Scorch is much less effective at long range.
  • Scorch excels in tight spaces as it restricts the enemy's ability to avoid Scorch's abilities.
  • A common strategy is to deploy an Incendiary Trap behind an enemy titan in a corridor before using Firewall to ignite it. Should an enemy titan try to escape the flames by moving forwards, they move closer to Scorch's Thermal Shield.
  • Tempered Plating can be used to give chase through Scorch's own thermite.
Primary Weapon

T-203 Thermite Launcher
"Low - moderate impact damage, single shot thermite projectiles that emits five to nine thermite pools upon contact with a surface.

"A ground based ability deployed by scorch smashing his right fist into the ground, sending out a straight line of fire that can travel under titans and lasts for ~5s ."

Incendiary Trap
"Deploys flammable gas canisters which can be triggered by the slightest spark."

Thermal Shield
"Liquifies incoming artillery while dealing damage to nearby enemies."

Flame Core
"Creates a large, slow traveling ground bound wave of fire that deals 4500 damage.

For Scorch's Aegis Ranks, see here.

Titanfall: Assault

Built to withstand brutal punishment, it is armed with a Thermite Launcher to melt human infantry who dare stand in front of it.
— In-game description

Scorch appears in Titanfall: Assault as a deployable Titan class. Its extremely high Human DPS makes it a very capable Titan for taking out human infantry such as Grunts and Pilots.

The Scorch has an attack very similar to the Pyro Bruiser. It launches thermite projectiles and sets the area it hits on fire. However the Scorch attacks very slow and is vulnerable to Titans that engage in 1v1 combat such as Ronin, Arc Ronin or Atlas. Scorch suffers in combat versus Titans since its only attack is a thermite attack which robotic enemies are resistant to.

Scorch Variants


  • Scorch's normal Termination involves punching the enemy Titan, then delivering a kick to it to knock it off balance before using its Thermal Shield to incinerate the Titan (and Pilot if one is operating it).
  • Scorch Prime's Termination begins with a right punch, a left punch, and then a wave of fire resembling Flame Core to finish off the enemy Titan.
  • Scorch's model number is CY-7659/F.
  • Scorch's OS is voiced by Rick D. Wasserman.
  • In Scorch's cockpit, there is a label that reads "Ogre," which is a clear reference to its derivative pre-Demeter model.
  • Scorch resembles its base Titan design more so than most other Titan models, having a rounded hatch much like the original Ogre-class.
  • In Apex Legends, Caustic’s Gas Traps visually resemble Scorch’s Incendiary Traps, but otherwise function differently.
  • According to a quote from Scorch's OS, the Titan is equipped with air conditioning that activates when control is transferred to the pilot.
    • The quote is "Welcome back, cockpit cooling reactivated"


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