Short for "Scorched Earth", Scorch's primary offensive and defensive weapon is fire. Blunt and direct, Scorch can chain his abilities to force enemies out of cover, or trap them to deal maximum damage.
— Description

Scorch, short for Scorched Earth, is an Ogre-based Titan class in Titanfall 2,[1][2] and reappears in Titanfall: Assault.


Scorch is a Titan class that is based on the Ogre chassis design. Scorch's primary defensive and offensive weapon is fire. Blunt and direct, Scorch can chain his abilities to force enemies out of cover or trap them to deal maximum damage. Scorch achieves this using his primary weapon, the T-203 Thermite Launcher; a single-shot, break-action grenade launcher designed specifically for use with this Titan.

Scorch Strategy

  • Being a Titan with Ogre-based chassis designs, Scorch can endure much damage before being reduced to a doomed state. This is offset by the Titan being rather slow and having a wide, easy-to-damage hitbox.
  • Scorch's area denial effects make it a prime choice to use as a defensive-based titan; its slow movement and slow attacks make it somewhat harder to attack with. Combine this with an Assault Chip to turn Scorch into a reliable defensive sentry for modes like Capture the Flag and Frontier Defense.
  • The T-203 Thermite Launcher does an average amount of damage, but also deals damage over time to any Titan that walks over the patch of thermite it leaves behind after its grenades detonate.
  • Without the Tempered Plating mod, Scorch will take damage when standing in any of his own thermite, regardless of what ability created it. Thus, resist the urge to chase a retreating Titan if you still have thermite on the ground between you two.
  • Outside of medium range, the Thermite Launcher is fairly fickle to aim, as the Pilot using the Scorch in question must account for both travel time and projectile drop. This is somewhat offset by the fact that aiming produces holographic trajectory line, similarly to the R-6P Softball and grenades when using Ordnance Expert.
  • Rather than simply "splashing" around the area of impact, the thermite produced by grenades falls to the ground. This can be used to hit a target behind cover by shooting a grenade at a wall both above and behind the target, allowing the explosion to drop the thermite right on top of their chassis.
  • Scorch is a welcome choice for dealing with Tones and Northstars; as the two titans are deadly at long range but weak up close, an area in which Scorch excels, running up to one and pushing a Heat Shield against them is an easy way to do immense damage to both. Keep in mind that this will often cause inexperienced pilots of both to panic however, so have a dash ready in case they do something unconventional.
  • Try and aim for a Titan's waist or knees when firing at them. Doing so ensures that both the grenade will hit, and the thermite 'drops' from the grenade will fall on the ground and create thermite faster, doing more damage.
  • If an objective such as a flag is under attack, a great way to quickly deter attackers is to fire an Incendiary Trap right on top of it and ignite it, damaging (if not outright killing) targets on top of it.
  • Despite looking similar in appearance, Thermal Shield is much different from Vortex Shield in several ways:
    • While Vortex Shield catches ballistics to throw back at enemies, Thermal Shield simply blocks and destroys them.
    • Thermal Shield will actually damage enemies touching it, while Vortex Shield won't.
    • Vortex Shield is tied to Ion's energy reserves, while Thermal Shield is on its own timer.
  • Incendiary Trap can be fired while using Thermal Shield.
  • An easy way to do good damage to any Titan is to use a dash to literally "throw" yourself at them whilst holding up a Thermal Shield.
  • Flame Core's wave of fire will ignite Incendiary Traps like his other abilities. Thus, throwing down one or two in the general area you intend to use the ability is a great idea, as the extra damage from them once triggered highly compliments Flame Core's own. Be advised this is a bit redundant to use with the Scorched Earth perk however, which already simply gives Flame Core's wave of fire the ability to leave thermite.
  • While the Thermite Launcher must be reloaded between shots, it does so extremely quickly.
  • Scorch is totally ineffective outside of medium range; never pick a long-ranged fight unless you want to die.
  • Scorch is well used indoors and in tight spaces as enemy titans have nowhere to to escape his abilities, and Northstar’s VTOL Hover is ineffective under a roof, therefore making any titan foolish to approach you.
  • A common strategy is deploying incendiary trap before using Firewall, igniting it and should an enemy titan try to escape the flames, will only run onto the Firewall.
  • Incendiary trap is great for flushing out pilots and minions inside of buildings, fire it through a window and ignite it to set the whole room alight.
  • Tempered Plating can be used for a deterrent strategy as Scorch could stand in his own thermite, keeping most people and titans at bay, this strategy is best against Ronins as they are purely close range
  • Scorches are normally considered simply annoying but they can be the most deadly titans of the field if they make strategic in use of their abilities, especially Firewall and Incendiary Trap. Try trapping enemies between Incendiary Traps and use a Firewall to ignite both (this is less effective against Stryder Chassis titans such as Northstar and Ronin as their speed and abilities can avoid damage or most of it at least) Or use a incendiary trap in escape routes while using Flame Core, damaging a titan for escaping or attempting to.
  • Should a Northstar use VTOL Hover, place an Incendiary Trap below where they should land and ignite it, although be wary that experienced pilots will likely dash on the way down and avoid it for the most part.


Primary Weapon

T-203 Thermite Launcher
"Lethal, single shot thermite projectiles that set ablaze anything within range."

"The name says it all - fires a directed wall of thermite in the enemies direction."

Incendiary Trap
"Deploys flammable gas canisters which can be triggered by the slightest spark."

Thermal Shield
"Liquifies incoming artillery while dealing damage to nearby enemies."

Flame Core
"Creates a giant wave of fire that destroys anything in its path."

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Titanfall: Assault

Built to withstand brutal punishment, it is armed with a Thermite Launcher to melt human infantry who dare stand in front of it.
— In-game description

Scorch appears in Titanfall: Assault as a deployable Titan class. His extremely high Human DPS makes it a very capable Titan for taking out human infantry such as Grunts and Pilots.

The Scorch has an attack very similar to the Pyro Bruiser. It launches thermite projectiles and sets the area it hits on fire. However the Scorch attacks very slow and is vulnerable to Titans that prefer to engage in 1v1 combat such as Ronin, Arc Ronin or Atlas. Scorch suffers in combat versus Titans since its only attack is a thermite attack which robotic enemies are resistant to.

Scorch Variants


  • Scorch's normal execution is it punching the enemy Titan's chassis then delivering a kick to it to knock it off balance before using its Thermal Shield to incinerate the Titan (and Pilot if one is operating it), reducing it to a scorched scrap.
  • Scorch Prime's Termination is to punch an enemy Titan with its right hand, and then left hand, before finishing it off by slamming both fists on the ground to use its Flame Core ability. Like all Terminations, this doesn't use the Flame Core ability.
  • Scorch's model number is CY-7659/F.
  • Scorch's OS is voiced by Rick D. Wasserman.
  • In Scorch's cockpit, there is a label that reads "Ogre," which is a clear reference to its derivative pre-Demeter model.
  • Scorch appears to resemble its base Titan design even more so than most other Titan models, even including the original Ogre's hatch appearance.



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