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The Satchel Charge is an explosive ordnance used by Pilots in Titanfall.


Satchel Charges stick to any surface and are manually detonated, causing massive explosive damage to anything nearby. Unlike most of its real-world counterparts, the Satchel can be thrown from a distance. It is detonated through the use of a detonator either by double tapping "X" or pulling the "RT" on an Xbox controller or using your bound Fire button (default Mouse1) on the PC.


Satchel Charges are versatile both against pilots and titans as the wielder only needs to sneak up on the player with a well timed throw. Most players will throw satchel charges at pilots when they're trying to prevent a disembarking pilot from killing the hijacker, even throwing it at pilots who are just a few feet away or unaware of their presence.

Satchel Charges can also be used as well placed traps if the Pilot has Dead Man's Trigger equipped. This is recommended for pilots who prefer to methods of emplaned sniping using weapons like the Longbow-DMR Sniper or the Kraber-AP Sniper. If you find a good spot to take out enemies from a distance, deploy one or more Satchel Charges in well placed areas where enemy Pilots won't notice them, a good spot would normally be under your feet or a wall close behind you. They will typically go for the assasination kill from behind believeing you are not expecting them, so they will instantly be killed by the blast after the assasination.

Satchel Charges, when absorbed by an enemy Titan's Vortex Shield and then detonated, will instantly take out the Vortex Shield.

Satchel Charges will even stick to titans if used during a rodeo attack. After pulling a part of the titan off, instead of firing a weapon, throw all of your Satchel Charges onto the titan, and then jump off. Upon getting out of blast distance, detonate the Charges. This will take a huge chunk out of a full health titan, or will doom a damaged titan. The effectiveness of this tactic is improved significantly with the Explosives Pack kit.

Burn Card

Name: Surplus Satchels

Description: Replace Pilot Ordnance with infinite, more lethal Satchel Charges.

Take as many as you can carry, the Titans are coming down like rain out there.
— Vlad, late in the Titan Wars


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