The Frontier is worth every part of this fight!
— Sarah's battle cry

Sarah Briggs is a supporting main character in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Rising as a covert operative to become a commander of the Special Recon Squadron (SRS) and its sub-section, the Marauder Corps (M-COR), she is one of the central figureheads of the Frontier Militia. Though known to have Pilot training, Sarah is usually shown in a field command role, providing logistics and important information to Pilots on the ground such as when they can deploy their Titan; she is still known to occasionally embark on special, usually covert, missions, even personally deploying onto a battlefield with a Titan when necessary.

Personality Edit

In her youth and early in her career, Sarah was an angry young woman who would agree to whatever it takes to see the IMC laid low for their transgressions. In the years since, she matured and maintains a level head where she can. She is a professional when serving her role as a commander, quick to dispense orders, relay info and make decisions that best serve the Militia and their goals. She prefers to lead by trust, regularly providing gentle encouragement and showing legitimate concern for those under her command, even mercenaries.

More than anything, though, Sarah is an idealist, at least as far as the cause of the Militia is concerned. She earnestly believes that the Militia are, in her words, "the good guys," that total Frontier independence is the ultimate, most admirable goal and is worth any sacrifice. Her maturity never squelched her hatred for the IMC and what they did to her loved ones. As a Militia diehard, she has no intention of switching sides any time soon.


As a child, Sarah lost several close members of her family to incidents in which the IMC displaced Frontier citizens by force. As a result, she vowed to take revenge on the IMC at every possible opportunity, refusing to rest until they have been removed from the Frontier. For most of her career, she served in Covert Operations for the Militia, before moving into the command ranks of the Militia's Marauder Corps. Her long list of successful attacks on IMC installations landed her on the IMC's High Value Target List, where she remains listed as one of the top 50 most dangerous Militia operatives still at large.

Titanfall Edit

For most of the events of Titanfall, Sarah served as an intelligence and logistics officer and field commander for the Militia, working in tandem with Bish to process intelligence and direct ground forces during battles with the IMC. There was one notable instance where she took to the field herself: in the mission The Three Towers, while Militia forces engaged the IMC defenders to keep them busy, Sarah led a squad of covert operatives to silently assault and sabotage the Repulsor Towers protecting the IMC base from the dangerous local fauna.

Titanfall 2Edit


After the Battle of Demeter, Sarah rose to prominence and became a respected commander of the Frontier Militia as a whole. With the Militia's newly-formalized military structure, she was installed as a commander of the newly-created special forces branch, the Special Recon Squadron, which the M-COR now answers to as one of the SRS's sub-sections.

Sarah joined the Battle of Typhon after Jack Cooper's activation of an IMC Interstellar Beacon, bringing a reinforcement fleet to support the battered Militia forces on-planet. At one point, during their first rendezvous on the planet, Briggs immediately attempted to locate a new Pilot for BT-7274, as Cooper was still technically a Rifleman at the time and thus not cleared to control a Titan; at BT's insistence, however, she grudgingly agreed to let Cooper remain with BT for the moment. From there, she and her Vanguard-Class Titan, MOB-1316, personally led the assault on the IMC airbase housing IMS Draconis - during which she effectively grants a field promotion to Cooper to full-fledged Pilot - and the subsequent air battle.

Sarah remained present for the rest of the battle, coordinating Militia forces and logistics as best she could against the arrayed IMC forces defending the Fold Weapon but ultimately unable to stop the superweapon from her position. She had little other option but to clear a path for Cooper and BT so they could enter the Fold Weapon complex on foot and figure out a way to stop the weapon from firing. Cooper successfully sabotaged the Fold Weapon at the cost of his Titan, and Sarah was present to personally rescue Cooper from the blast onto Barker's shuttle before escaping the planet and its ensuing destruction. She personally commended Cooper's bravery and granted him official Pilot certification for his efforts.

In the multiplayer component, Sarah serves as leader of the Marauder Corps, the first faction available to players when they begin their career as a Pilot.


  • Although she's known to once be a covert agent and seems to know her way around at least a pistol, Sarah isn't seen acting as a Pilot during the events of Titanfall. It is only during Titanfall 2 that Briggs is confirmed to be a trained Pilot herself, with her own time listed among those of other Militia Pilots in the Gauntlet and piloting her own Titan, MOB-1316, during the assault on the IMS Draconis.
  • As mentioned, Sarah is still listed as one of the IMC's 50 most wanted high-value targets on the Frontier. The bounty reward for her head stands at 50.000 credits, dead or alive, the same as Barker.
  • According to Grunt chatter in Titanfall, Sarah's name supposedly isn't actually Sarah Briggs. One grunt comments he'd figure out what her name really is.
  • Prior to the Battle of Typhon, Sarah was placed seventh in The Pilot's Gauntlet, with a time of 1:08.15.
  • The Pop! Vinyl figure of Sarah and her Titan depicts the former herself with a Pilot's helmet on, which has a similar aesthetic to Droz's helmet.


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