Ronin is a hit and run specialist. He can do a lot of damage in short bursts, but his fragility makes it suboptimal to stay in range for long. His speed, combined with Arc Wave's ability to slow, gives him the tools to get into and out of any fight.
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Ronin is a Stryder-based Titan class in Titanfall 2.[1][2]


Ronin is a Titan class that is based on the Stryder chassis design. Ronin is a hit and run specialist. He can do a lot of damage in short bursts, but his fragility makes it suboptimal to stay in range for long. His speed, combined with Arc Wave's ability to slow, gives him the tools to get into and out of any fight. Ronin's primary weapon is the Leadwall.

Field Notes Edit

Ronin is one of the more slender and nimble Titans, and he is able to move around the map swiftly. His sprinting speed is faster than all other Titans aside from Northstar, thanks to his lightweight chassis. This can be advantageous when traveling to an objective, or when chasing a fleeing target. Ronin also comes equipped with two dashes when it spawns in, giving him added mobility and dodging opportunity. When in Auto-Titan mode, It can be a reliable defense asset on objective-based game modes, such as Amped Hardpoint, Capture the Flag, or Bounty Hunt.

An example of Ronin's Swordblock ability.

The Leadwall Shotgun is deadly up close; to Pilots, Minions and Titans alike. Multiple consecutive direct hits to a Titan's critical hit point can quickly deplete its shields and drain its battery. This combined with swift dashing and the use of his Arc Wave can make quick work of larger Titans such as Scorch or Legion. However the capacity of Leadwall combined with the reload speed requires good management, timing, and judgment to get the most use out of it, Phase dash is a great way to manage this. Leadwall however is purely close range as the projectiles dissipate after enough distance, meaning that it is useless in medium and long range, forcing Ronin to move in for close range attacks.

It's best to try and use the element of surprise as well as hit and run tactics when choosing to attack enemies with Ronin, as its durability is one of the weakest in the game. It is best to avoid fighting two or more Titans at a while using Ronin and instead take on one Titan at a time as Ronin can be easily overwhelmed and destroyed when facing superior numbers.

On maps with open spaces and little places that Ronin can use cover, such as Homestead, it is best advised to attempt a flanking tactic to best utilize Ronin's potential. While teammates are engaged in a firefight with enemy Titans, Ronin can quickly use an alternate route to get behind enemy lines and unload in their backs before they have a chance to react, causing major damage and creating an opening for your team.

The Arc Wave is a great move to use for extra damage, and it also briefly stuns any Titan struck by it head-on. A direct hit with the Arc Wave to a lone Pilot will stun them in the same manner as the Arc Grenade, but more damaging (Arc Wave can instantly kill enemy pilots while Sword Core is active). It should be noted that the Arc Wave travels in a linear fashion in front of Ronin and does not go vertically upwards on surfaces or across air, so caution is advised when using this ability against airborne or moving targets. It can also be used in order to stun a titan while one uses a nuclear ejection next to them, effectively preventing escape.

Since Ronin has such the fragile build of a Stryder, it should be noted that Heavy Titans or Titans with barrage fire (i.e. Legion, Scorch or Tone) should not be taken head-on. Ronin is capable of being doomed in mere seconds by these heavy hitters and they should only be taken on in areas where cover is abundant. If cover is not a viable option and an open-area fight is inevitable, then Ronin can also use its Sword Block to mitigate some damage taken, even able to deflect an entire Flight Core assault by Northstar without being reduced to a doomed state (if ALL missiles are blocked from a suitable state of health).

Of all the abilities in Ronin's arsenal, the most useful of all may be the Phase Dash. Phase Dash is a short teleport from one point to another in the direction the Pilot wishes on a lateral plane (Left, right, front, back, but not vertically at all). The Phase Dash can close the distance in a instant for a quick execution, escaping a Nuclear Ejection, reloading Leadwall safely, and even dodging a Core Ability. Phase Dash can also be used avoid be cornered or to escape a losing battle. One can also use a standard dash as the Phase dash is wearing out in order to increase distance or alter direction slightly, allowing one to properly get behind a Titan or to avoid phasing in on them (At least as sometime seen).


Primary Weapon
Leadwall Shotgun
"High power, low capacity shotgun that bounces off walls."
Arc Wave
"Swiping his sword across the ground, Ronin creates an electric wave that damages and slows enemies hit by it."
Phase Dash
"Ronin dashes in a given direction, temporarily phasing out of the world, avoid incoming fire and creating the element of surprise."
Sword Block
"Reduces damage taken. Can be held indefinitely."
Sword Core
"Empowers his melee and sword abilities, and gives access to new sword attacks."
Ronin Kits

Ricochet Rounds
"The Leadwall's rounds bounce off surfaces."

"Arc Wave has two charges."

Temporal Anomaly
"Phase Dash is available more often (shorter cooldown)."

"Titan kills extend the duration of Sword Core."

Phase Reflex
"When doomed, Ronin phases out of danger."

Frontier Defense Edit

Arc Titan Ronin

A Ronin-based Arc Titan

In Frontier Defense, Ronin is a valuable tool for any team's Titan roster; the speed of a Ronin allows it to quickly navigate the map and take out enemies such as Mortar Titans and Sniper Titans with ease. Equipping Highlander as a kit will allow Ronin to almost permanently stay in Sword Core for the duration of the round, if played well. In Frontier Defense, a skilled Ronin that uses the Highlander kit can prove to be a menace on lower difficulties but a more team oriented skill on higher difficulties.

Ronins also appear as enemies. While regular Ronins are not a primary threat, they can also spawn as Arc Titans, and will attempt to rush the Harvester directly.

For Ronin's Aegis Rank upgrades, see here.

Titanfall: AssaultEdit

Ronin returns as a deployable Titan in Titanfall: Assault.

Strategy/ Gameplay Edit

Ronin in Titanfall: Assault only has a Broadsword in use. Ronin is a very fast Titan and can traverse the battlefield easily. Ronin has a high attack rate and can quickly overwhelm slow attackers and unlucky Pilots that cross its path.

Ronin is good for engaging Titans as Ronin, with its high attack rate, can deal a lot of damage very quickly. Ronin can also act as a Stryder to clear out Pilots and hardpoints.

Ronin Variants Edit


  • Ronin's name is derived from "rōnin", a samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period (1185-1868) of Japan, which refers to Ronin's usage of a sword.
  • Ronin is possibly one of the most popular Titans in Titanfall 2 as of 2017.
  • If you are using Ronin, it is highly recommended to stay away from Legions as continuous fire from their Predator cannons will tear through your health bar rather quickly.
  • Ronin has 7,500 health just like Northstar.
  • If Ronin's Phase Dash ends with it reappearing inside an enemy Titan, Ronin will be destroyed. One can avoid destruction by Sword Blocking.
  • On some variations of Ronin (particularly Ash's customized Ronin), you can see the battery in the cockpit without any shielding.
  • It appears Viper either used a Ronin titan or had one backing him up in an early build of the game, as witnessed briefly in the E3 2016 trailer.
  • Ronin's default Termination, Called "Cutting Steel", is to slash an enemy Titan from the right, then from the left, causing the enemy Titan to fall over. The enemy Titan will attempt to crawl away, only for Ronin walk up and stab them straight through the cockpit.
  • Ronin Prime's Termination, called "Thunder and Lightning", is to kick at the Titan, leaving it stumbling, then to repeatedly slash at the Titan, and then to finish it with an Arc Wave.
  • Ronin's OS is voiced by Keith Ferguson.






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