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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

The Rocket Salvo is is a Titan off-hand weapon and is the default Titan ordnance in Titanfall. It launches a rapid salvo of unguided rockets.  It can prove handy in a fight with an enemy titan to fill the gap while reloading or to initiate a combat with an enemy titan who is unaware; it is best used against stationary enemies, but with a little skill can be used just as well against moving ones.  

It is advised to save this for enemy Titans since attacking enemy Pilots with this weapon is a waste due to the slow recharge, and its effectiveness against soft targets is haphazard at best.

It take 20 seconds for this to reload, 16 seconds with Fast Autoloader. The impact of a rocket does 250 damage, the following explosion does 100 damage to infantry, and 200 damage to armor. It fires 12 rockets in one salvo, firing all 12 in one second.

Burn Card

Amped Rocket Salvo.png
Name: Amped Rocket Salvo

Description: Replace your next Titan's Ordnance with a larger Rocket Salvo.

If brute force isn't working, you're not using enough.
— Blisk

Titanfall 2

Launches an unguided rocket swarm.
— In-game description

Rocket Salvo reappears in Titanfall 2, this time as the Ordnance ability for the Monarch-Class Titan added in Monarch Reigns. When activated, the Salvo fires five rockets from the Titan's right Acolyte Pod.

It can be upgraded with the Tier 1 kit Missile Racks, which doubles the amount of missiles fired per salvo. If the Tier 3 kit Multi-Target Missile System is selected, the Rocket Salvo will be replaced with the aforementioned MTMS.