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Rise is a multiplayer map featured in Titanfall. Militia special forces set up a Long-Range Desert Patrol outpost in an abandoned IMC reservoir. It was added to Titanfall 2 in Operation Frontier Shield


Militia Special Forces have set up a long-range reconnaissance outpost in this abandoned IMC reservoir, less than a hundred miles from the classified IMC proving grounds on the planet Gridiron. The reservoir’s towering, sheer walls and a system of convenient zip lines provide Pilots with the perfect means to get around quickly while Titans do battle in the long corridors below. Ejecting Pilots should be very careful to avoid lingering above ground here—it only takes 10 seconds to receive a lethal dose of radiation in direct sunlight.[1]



Most of the action on this map takes place around the bridges. If you’re trying to avoid this battle area, take a zipline to the top wall of the map and wall jump your way around until you find the perfect opening for an attack or to sneak behind the enemy.

Frontier Defense


This map is unique in Frontier Defense, in that there are only two waves. The first wave consists of only two Sniper Spectres, whereas the second wave consists of 224 enemies spanning multiple types of enemies. Also, unlike other maps, you only get a single retry (as opposed to two).

Titanfall 2

Compared to its original incarnation, Titanfall 2's take on Rise in Frontier Defense is a little more forgiving, using five waves and allowing two retries. Waves consist primarily of Reapers, Nuke Titans, Scorches, and Arc Titans, with Grunts appearing early on. Plasma Drones will also deploy over the top of the reservoir and fly down almost directly on top of the main open area with the Harvester. Reapers may try to use the elevated walkways near the center as long-range harassment and Tick-launching spots.

  • The first wave is still vaguely reminiscent of the original, opening with a lone Nuke Titan (a perfect opportunity for an easy Battery) before switching to a series of Grunt and Stalker Drop Pods. One or two players should intercept the Nuke Titan whilst the remaining team members hang back and prepare to intercept the incoming Grunts. If the whole team takes the Nuke Titan bait, it's possible the Harvester might take some unnecessary damage in the first wave before defenders can make it back, especially on higher difficulties.
  • The overall layout is much the same as the original, with the Harvester on the far west end. The central cross-junction will see most of the action, but the two flank paths to the north and south shouldn't be ignored, as Arc, Scorch, and Nuke Titans will attempt to flank through them in later waves.
  • The map's design makes Arc Traps extremely effective (just lay them down in the center pathways and Titans are bound to trip them) but it can be hard to find good places for turrets.
  • A few Cloak Drones will appear in later waves (so watch those side passages), and Mortar Titans are never seen on this map.
  • The low ceilings can make this a dangerous place to use the Nuke Rodeo, as you may find yourself launched straight into a ceiling and unable to escape the blast.