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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Care to have a real fight? Let's see what you got up close and personal!
— Richter

Richter was a Cloak Pilot and a member of the Apex Predators, as one of Blisk's lieutenants. His accent, name and specific dialogue imply that he is German in origin. He serves as the tertiary antagonist of Titanfall 2.


Battle of Typhon

Following the initial assault on Typhon by the 9th Militia Fleet, Richter would form part of the company of Apex Predators sent to eliminate the survivors of the IMC's ambush. He would assist in the group in defeating captain Tai Lastimosa and Titan BT-7274, before proceeding to execute several riflemen, who had survived the crash-landing. Richter then went to cut off the ear of a militia rifleman to be kept as a war trophy, but was reprimanded by Blisk for his unnecessary actions.[1]


Following the retrieval of the Arc Tool and attempted activation of an interstellar beacon by the 3rd Militia Grenadiers, Richter would be deployed to the communications site to coordinate the IMC defense. Ultimately, as they had done for Kane and Ash, the IMC security forces would fail in stopping Jack Cooper from achieving his goal of retrieving a working uplink module and reestablishing communications with Militia command. Richter would then deploy several Titans to kill the Pilot, before dropping in his own Tone-class Titan onto the battlefield. Like the Predators before him, Richter would be killed by Jack Cooper - depending on the mission's outcome, Richter's death can happen in one of two ways;[2]

  1. Richter activates nuke eject. The ejector seat malfunctions and Richter is destroyed in the blast.
  2. Richter is killed by BT and Cooper before he can do so, which may involve a unique Termination.


  • Richter is loosely based on the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    • The Achievement/Trophy for defeating him, "See You at the Party", is taken from a line in the movie Total Recall that Schwarzenegger's character says to another character named Richter.
    • Furthermore, at one point in The Beacon, Richter yells for his men to "Get to the Beacon!" This may be a reference to Schwarzenegger's famous line from Predator, "Get to the chopper!"
  • Throughout the game, Richter frequently switches between English and German—often using the latter to speak derisively of others, or of Cooper.
    • When sending his subordinate Titans with instructions to kill Cooper, he adds "Und jetzt macht ihn fertig"-- "And now finish him," implying that he has no confidence that his men will succeed.
    • When initially challenging Cooper, he adds "Oder willst du weglaufen wie ein kleiner Junge?"-- "Or will you run away like a little boy?"
    • His last words before triggering his nuke eject are "Dieser Kampf geht in den dunklen Tiefen der Hölle weiter!" or "This fight continues in the dark depths of hell!"
    • His name Richter is German for Judge.