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"Reserve Stryder" redirects here. For the Burn Card in Titanfall: Assault, see [[the similarly-named Burn Card in Titanfall]]

Reserve Stryder is a variant of the Stryder Titan, found in Titanfall: Assault. It is able to be deployed for a cheaper cost than the usual Stryder, making it a good option for quickly reinforcing a point against enemy infantry. The Reserve Stryder is equipped with an XOTBR-16 Chaingun. It is very good against light infantry such as, Striker, Ghost (while not in Cloak), Sniper, and Grenadier.


Reserve Stryder should always be the first Titan to appear once the initial 3 minutes of the match are up (this can be done by putting the Reserve Stryder first in the Titan card slots). It is excellent for clearing pilots out of a hardpoint and has a significant amount of health. In some to most cases it is a better replacement than an actual Stryder.
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