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The Remnant Fleet is the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation's main surviving military force in the Frontier following the events of Titanfall. The Battle of Demeter resulted in the loss of the IMC's main fuel depot, stranding the IMC fleet without reinforcements or supplies from the Core Systems. Spyglass assumed the position of Vice-Admiral of the fleet following Marcus Graves' defection to the Frontier Militia, and directed the fleet to a secret naval base deep within the Frontier to regroup and rebuild over the following years.

Shortly after Demeter, the Remnant Fleet was involved in the defence of Corporate against the Militia, before proceeding to set up a Fleet Operations Base in the Swamplands of an unidentified planet. The Remnant would also make raids on Dig Sites on Haven, hidden Backwater colonies and reactivate the Sand Trap fuel reservoirs and Zone 18 Spectre production facility.

In accordance with Spyglass' long-term strategy to counter the Militia, a separate effort from General Marder's operations on Typhon, the Remnant Fleet conducts resource raids on Harmony with the dual aims of disrupting the Militia's presence in the system and gathering enough materials to restore the fleet to full combat-readiness. Once that has been accomplished, Spyglass will proceed to the next, unknown stage of his plan.[1]

Aside from their raids in the Militia-occupied Freeport System, the Remnant Fleet has also targeted neutral and even allied worlds, for apparently unknown reasons. Several of these raids, ranging from Gridiron's deserted reservoirs to Cibus' fuel canals, have focused on neutralising Militia-operated Harvesters - though at great materiel cost to the Remnant Fleet's infantry and mechanized systems. This has led to some IMC units, such as ARES Division, to declare Spyglass and his forces as a Rogue Element.[2] In addition, the Remnant Fleet has become an enemy of the mercenaries hired by Vinson Dynamics, with numerous raids being conducted on them by the reconstructed Ash. However, Vinson Dynamics is still at least somewhat friendly to the Remnant Fleet, as it was willing to sell them Monarch titans. It is unknown who hired or why the Apex Predators have been hired to fight the Remnant Fleet.

In Titanfall 2's Multiplayer, the Remnant Fleet appears as the main target in Bounty Hunt and Frontier Defense matches.


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