The R-99 Submachine Gun (SMG) is an anti-personnel close-quarter submachine gun employed by combatants in the Apex Games, appearing in Apex Legends. It is a successor to its Frontier War ancestor, the R-97 Compact SMG.


Image Name Description
AL Barrel Stabilizer HUD
AL Flash Suppresor HUD
Barrel Stabilizer
Attachment that reduces horizontal recoil and hides flash at level 4
AL Extended Light Mag HUD
Extended Light Mag
Increases rounds that can be held inside a weapon
AL 1x Digital Threat
AL 1x HCOG Classic
AL 1x Holo
AL 1x-2x Variable Holo
AL 2x HCOG Bruiser
Close Range Optics
Attachments that give better view of the enemy, can also highlight enemies in red (threat scope only)
AL Standard Stock HUD
Standard Stock
Reduces aim sway and shortens weapon transitions


Image Name Description
AL 3x HCOG Ranger
AL 2x-4x Variable AOG
Mid-Range Optics
Attachments that allow for mid range engagements


The R-99 features the highest rate of fire in the game, exceeding even the Devotion LMG's 900rpm (once spun up). It is most effective at short or point-blank range, and can deal up to 364 DPS if landing only headshots. Thus it is best to get up close and personal with this gun. The weapon is a particular threat in tight spaces like Bunker's corridors or in buildings, but can do little at mid-far range.


  • Very high rate of fire
  • High damage output if all shots are landed
  • Quick reload
  • Low recoil and can take stock and barrel attachments
  • Can mount the Digital Threat optic


  • Burns through ammo quickly in extended firefights
  • Strong punishment for missing your shots
  • Low damage per shot
  • Low ammunition capacity without extended magazines
  • Poor accuracy beyond short range
  • Rounds have high dropoff


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